Current Environmental Issues In Pakistan – List With Detail

All of us Pakistanis know that our beloved country is facing and already suffering from a lot of environmental issues and problems with no solution in sight, from all types of pollution to degradation of the environment to anthropogenic activities that destroy the environment to illegal hunting and poaching to improper or illegal extraction of resources to Climate change, we have seen and experienced all and we continue to fight with all of these issues without any or very little progress. We all know issues such as types of pollution faced by Pakistan, however there are some environmental concerns that are not very often discussed, which we have documented.

Pakistan is a country overwhelmed by environment related problems and considering the fact that we are one of the top most vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change, things are likely going to get worse if the general public as well as the government doesn’t focus their attentions on first acknowledging and reaslising and then working towards solving these issues.

So we are going to play our part in helping the people of Pakistan and the government officials “realising and acknowledging” the issues present in our beloved country of Pakistan, hence here is the list of Environmental Issues In Pakistan with details upon clicking the issues..

  1. Dangerous levels of Radon found in drinking water in District Bannu
  2. Assessing Indoors Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Lahore
  3. February 2021 Brings Hazardous Levels of Smog in Lahore
  4. Mehmood Booti Dumping Site Impacting Environment of Lahore
  5. Kasur Tanneries and Their Impact on the Environment
  6. Balochistan Could Suffer Aridity Due to Insufficient Dams
  7. The Problems and Effects of Plastic Debris in Rivers and Seas of South Asia
  8. Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Fish from Karachi Coast
  9. Impact of Human Activities on Margalla Hills National Park
  10. Twin Cities ISB-RWL Cloudburst Explained –Causes and Effects
  11. Consequences of Climate Change on Pastoralists in Pakistan
  12. The Problems of Increasing Noise Pollution in Pakistan
  13. Nuclear Waste Production and Management in Pakistan
  14. Water Crisis in Pakistan- Current and Future
  15. Climate Change and Its Impact on Pakistan
  16. Deforestation in Pakistan and Recent Afforestation Drives
  17. Food Security and Climate Change in Pakistan
  18. Coast of Pakistan and its Environmental Issues
  19. Occupational Health and Safety Conditions in Pakistan
  20. Medical waste in Pakistan and Its Management
  21. The Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture in Pakistan
  22. Environmental Impacts of Growing Tourism Industry of Pakistan
  23. Dire Need of Sea Water Desalination Plants in Sindh Pakistan
  24. Condition and Effects of Soil Health in Pakistan
  25. Improper Management of Solid Waste in Pakistan and Its Effects
  26. Dire Need of Sea Water Desalination Plants in Baluchistan Pakistan
  27. Mangroves of Pakistan – Types, Importance, and Environmental degradation
  28. March 2021 – An Unprecedented Dry Windy Month in Pakistan
  29. Waterlogging and Salinity in Pakistan
  30. Environmental Laws/Legislation in Pakistan and The Need for New Ones
  31. South Asia Water War – Impact of Indian Hegemonic Aim on Pakistan
  32. Water Scarcity Crisis in Pakistan: Causes, Effects, Solutions
  33. The Projected Future of Water Scarcity Crisis In Pakistan
  34. Illegal Wildlife Trade in Pakistan – Threat to Endangered Species
  35. Environmental Impact of Heavy Metal Pollution in Pakistan
  36. Effects of Climate Change on Monsoon Season of Pakistan
  37. Impact of Gemstone Mining and Illegal Trade from Pakistan
  38. Animal Abuse by Pakistani Social Media Celebrities
  39. Animal Abuse In Pakistan And What Can Be Done About It?
  40. Exotic Pets And Their Impact On The Environment Of Pakistan
  41. Aquifer Vulnerability And Groundwater Quality In Pakistan
  42. Natural Disasters Common In Pakistan and their Impact
  43. Impact of Corona virus Pandemic on the Environment of Pakistan

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