The Problems of Increasing Noise Pollution in Pakistan

hearing impairment due to noise pollution

Noise Pollution In Pakistan

Noise pollution is one kind of environmental pollution and it is categorized as the most disturbing problem with significant negative effects. Any unwanted, undesired, or unpleasant, loud sound can be called noise if one remains exposed to it for a longer period of time. In accordance with the world health organization, a noise level that is more than 55dB could be considered as noise pollution. This limit is for residential areas of a country. The threshold of pain is above 120dB.

Pakistan along with other environmental problems is not free of environmental noise pollution. There is already a lack of forest cover area due to increased urbanization. The considerable rise in the number of vehicles in the cities has caused elevated noise levels. The problems associated with increasing noise levels are huge and some of these problems are extremely damaging to human health.

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Sources Of Noise Pollution In Pakistan

There are various sources of noise pollution. It depends on the exposure limit to the noise as well. The key sources of noise pollution include freight carrying transportation in the cities, loudest and irritating horns, heavy machinery sound, loud music, generator sound, landing and taking off sound near airports, street sound,  celebration sounds such as firecrackers, sounds from household items such as vacuum cleaner, washing machine, etc.

Effects of Increasing Noise Pollution In Pakistan

The effects of increasing noise pollution vary in damage. It equally disturbs terrestrial and aquatic life including whales. Excessive exposure to elevated noise levels can damage hearing ability, mental disturbance, communication problems, high blood pressure, stress-related hormonal imbalance, and cardiovascular diseases.

All age groups suffer from sleep disturbances. Animals are also affected by noise pollution. Behavioral changes are common among animals and humans due to noise pollution.

Precautionary Measure To Reduce Noise Pollution In Pakistan

Precautionary measures should be followed by people to prevent themselves from getting affected by the increased level of noise pollution. The use of earbuds can reduce the elevated noise level to some extent but it is not a preferred choice. Residential areas should be surrounded by greenery in order to decrease noise pollution. The use of headphones should be avoided.

Recommendation To Control Noise Pollution In Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan is focusing on increasing tree plantation project that might also help in reducing environmental noise pollution. The locations such as hospitals, schools, colleges, etc should be declared as a silence zone. The loudspeakers should be banned.


In Pakistan, the increasing number of settlements in major cities is creating a disturbance in the environment. These settlements are negatively influencing natural sources as well as putting more pressure on environmental issues.

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