Endemic or Native Plant Species of Pakistan

Endemic plants of any area are the plants that are found only in that area and or only very few places on Earth. Pakistan is home to a huge amount of plant species, many of which might not even have been discovered and identified yet. Pakistan, our beautiful country, is more beautiful because of its nature and its biodiversity. Our country boasts various kinds of ecosystems with a variety of plants and trees and lush green grasslands where a plethora of different kind of flowers grow – from mangrove forests to tropical thorn forests to Coniferous forests etc. But some species of plants re definitely more important than others, due to the fact that they are native to Pakistan. Which plants you ask? Well, below is a list of some endemic plant species of Pakistan. Check them out!

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Endemic or Native Plant Species Found in Pakistan

Scientific Name: Douepia tortuosa

Location: Salt Range, Punjab.


Scientific Name: Stewartiella baluchistanic

Location:  Balochistan

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Scientific Name: Pseudomertensia sericophylla

Location: Hazara, Northern areas.


Scientific Name: Ulva grandis

Location:  Kiamari, Karachi, Arabian Sea.


Scientific Name: Ulva anandii

Location: Karachi coast, Arabian Sea.


Scientific Name: Sorbus rosea

Location: Kashmir

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Scientific Name: Viola makranica

Location: Makran, Balochistan


Scientific Name: Heliotropium remotiflorum

Location: Makran, Balochistan


Scientific Name: Tetracme stocksii

Location: Balochistan


Scientific Name: Blepharis sindica

Location: Balochistan and Sindh

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Scientific Name: Seriphidium quettense

Location: Quetta, Balochistan


Scientific Name: Allium baluchistanicum

Location: Balochistan


Scientific Name: Spiroseris phyllocephala

Location: Pakistan


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