20 Harmful And Deadly Toxic and Poisonous Plants in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION: Plants are the important component and basis of the ecosystem. Plants are autotrophic in nature that is they can produce their own food through photosynthesis by the transformation of sunlight. Plants give us oxygen, food, shelter and there are many more applications of plants in different sectors such as healthcare and medicine, food industry, […]

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10 Indoor Plants For Improving Indoor Air Quality At Home

INTRODUCTION: The plants are important part of the environment as they are the producers that can make their food by their own. They are multicellular living organisms that contain chlorophyll that converts solar energy into food. The plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and release oxygen into the environment decreasing the concentration of carbon […]

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Agroforestry – Importance and Application in Pakistan

Agroforestry is gaining importance in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Pakistan is an agrarian country, where the demand for food is increasing because of the growing population. Agroforestry is an agriculture practice that has various ecological, social, and economical advantages. You may like to read Sustainable Agriculture Practices and their Advantages. AGROFORESTRY This term is defined as a unit of land use management systems […]

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Biodiversity Conservation is Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures

Bees-pollination-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

Ecosystem Restoration is incomplete without taking into account conservation of Biodiversity and prevention of the rampant biodiversity loss. Fighting against biodiversity loss is a huge part of trying to restore any Ecosystem, as each Ecosystem boasts a particular and unique kind of biodiversity which is especially adapted to that particular Ecosystem. The biodiversity of our […]

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