Biodiversity Conservation is Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures

Bees-pollination-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

Ecosystem Restoration is incomplete without taking into account conservation of Biodiversity and prevention of the rampant biodiversity loss. Fighting against biodiversity loss is a huge part of trying to restore any Ecosystem, as each Ecosystem boasts a particular and unique kind of biodiversity which is especially adapted to that particular Ecosystem. The biodiversity of our world, both the fauna and the Flora, are under a threat of endangerment or extinction due to human activities like deforestation, hunting, poaching and pollution etc. An Ecosystem is made up of its biotic and physical component, so you can imagine how impossible it is to try and restore any Ecosystem without protecting its biodiversity. [Also read: Conservation of Biodiversity – Importance and Methods]

Below we are sharing 15 thought-provoking questions about the biotic and abiotic components of the environment in pictures that show us the importance of Biodiversity conservation and preservation and how Ecosystem Restoration is impossible if Biodiversity loss isn’t curbed. These free pictures can be posted on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even LinkedIn to start a conservation of how we treat our environment and the living creatures around us.

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Water-pollution-Importance-clean-water-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

Trees-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

Snakes-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

shark-hunting-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

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Pangolins-scales-hunting-poaching-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

Mushroom-Fungi-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Picture-wallpaper-Environment

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Lion-trophy-hunting-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

frog-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

crocodile-alligators-skin-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

deforestation-forests-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

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Elephant-ivory-hunting-poaching-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

Fox-fur-hunting-poaching-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

Birds-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

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Bees-pollination-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

Air-pollution-clean-air-Importance-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

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