Pakistani Tourists and the Fruit Trees of Gilgit Baltistan

Introduction: Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan is one of the most picturesque and scenic regions. It is also a hotbed of diverse flora and fauna as well as rich culture of the various mountain villages and communities living there since thousands of years with their own food, traditions and various festivals that also serve as an […]

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Lack of Climate Change Research in Pakistan – Need and Importance

Introduction: Climate Change Research and Pakistan Although Pakistan emits less than 1 percent of the global emissions of green house gases but has suffered immensely due to climate change. Even future projections tell us of increasingly dire consequences for Pakistan. It is not fair that Pakistan has to bear the brunt of climate change and […]

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Impact Of Agricultural Practices On Butterfly Populations In Pakistan


Butterflies are attractive insects that play an important role in pollinating plants and preserving environmental equilibrium. In Pakistan, butterflies are essential not just for their ecological value, but also for their cultural value, as they are employed in traditional art and crafts. However, the butterfly population in Pakistan is fast dropping due to a variety […]

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AI And Its Role In Environmental Protection And Restoration

What is meant by ” AI”? AI- short for Artificial Intelligence is the system or machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. They are different from robots that can be pre-programmed to perform a certain task/s. This is because AI can overtime learn to improve itself by processing the information it has […]

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Forgotten 2022 Pakistan Flood Affectees And Their Future


Pakistan Monsoon Floods 2022 The monsoon of August 2022 in Pakistan was recorded as the highest ever in the region’s 30 year rainfall pattern. As a result the flooding caused by the monsoon weather in Pakistan proved to be the deadliest natural disaster to ever hit the region. The flood waters submerged all 4 provinces […]

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What Is Green Colonialism? – Everything You Need To Know

What is Green Colonialism? Green Colonialism, also known as Eco-colonialism, Environmental Colonialism¬†or Climate Colonialism is the practice of one country making or taking decisions and actions in another, under the pretext of benefit to the environment and by using influence to make policies and developmental strategies or technology that benefits one country/ group of people […]

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