What is Indoor Air Pollution? – Sources, Effects and Control

What is Indoor Air Pollution? What are the various Indoor Air Pollutants? Indoor air pollution refers to any degradation or deterioration in the quality of air inside houses, buildings, residential or commercial settings such as warehouses, offices etc. Indoor air pollutants refer to those substances that are responsible for the deterioration in the air quality […]

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Forgotten 2022 Pakistan Flood Affectees And Their Future


Pakistan Monsoon Floods 2022 The monsoon of August 2022 in Pakistan was recorded as the highest ever in the region’s 30 year rainfall pattern. As a result the flooding caused by the monsoon weather in Pakistan proved to be the deadliest natural disaster to ever hit the region. The flood waters submerged all 4 provinces […]

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Train Derailment Toxic Spill Ohio USA – All You Need To Know

Introduction: What Happened in Ohio, USA? On the night of 3rd February 2023, in the United States of America, a freight train carrying hazardous chemicals, derailed near the town of East Palestine, Ohio. Out of 150 train cars 38 cars derailed which effected another 12. The derailment of the cars caused majority to explode releasing […]

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Expected Heatwaves in Summer Months 2023 in Pakistan

Climate Change and Heatwaves in Pakistan: The impacts of climate change on developing countries have been felt severely in the form of increased extreme weather events and abnormal climatic phenomenon. Pakistan is also one of the countries experiencing its impacts most recently in the form of floods and GLOFs. For more information check out, Pakistan […]

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Pakistan’s Living Indus Initiative And Its Importance


If Indus were to speak, it would say, ‘I want to live again.’ – Sherry Rehman, Federal minister for climate change. Living Indus is an umbrella initiative consisting of various existing and new projects to address the triple planetary crisis, including Climate change, Biodiversity, and Pollution. It aims at climate-resilient reconstruction, in and around River […]

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