Reasons Why Netherlands is World’s 2nd Largest Food Exporter

INTRODUCTION Netherlands has became the 2nd largest food producer on Earth with respect to sustainable agriculture.  The industry of Netherlands is mainly centered on the production of the food, petroleum and chemical, electrical machinery. Netherlands has the 6th largest economy in the European Union mainly because of good industrial relations, continuously high trade surplus and […]

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These 11 Countries Risk Instability Due To Climate Change

Introduction The 11 countries that could face major instability due to the climate change include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Colombia, Guatemala, North Korea, Nicaragua and India. This has been reported in the first of its type published report by the National Intelligence Estimate on Climate Change Report. This can lead to the decrease […]

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Climate Change is Changing and Degrading India’s Environment

India is facing burnt of climate change

INTRODUCTION There is no doubt that South Asian countries are among the top countries along with the African continent where climate change is showing severe consequences. This situation could be explained by the monsoon season which has altered over a period of time. Climate change is propelling the intensity of extreme weather events by causing […]

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Controlling Air Pollution Crucial for Mitigating World’s Environmental Crises

transboundary air pollution

UNEP has reported that the climate crisis could only be tackled through prioritizing air pollution control. Nearly 194 countries are having implemented air pollution control laws and regulations. Despite the presence of policies only one-third of countries are abiding by rules regarding air pollutant emissions. Periodic assessment of air quality with good governess could be […]

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Now Water Pollution Can Be Cleaned Up Using Sunlight

water pollution by chemical toxins

INTRODUCTION Water pollution is a serious environmental issue because water scarcity might become a universal matter of discord. Contaminants, toxins, and impurities that are either man-made or natural eventually find their place in water. The reason could be given that water covers 97% of the globe. 3% of water comes under freshwater including glaciers, ice […]

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China to Launch Five Year Plan To Protect Marine Environment

China is ready to protect marine environment.

Before 2035, China is aiming to achieve the goal of “Beautiful China” set by the 19th National Congress. China is launching a five-year plan to protect Marine Environment. Environmental issues have caused extensive damage across the coasts of China. Ecological restoration will improve the biodiversity of marine water bodies. Check out China and Its New […]

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Climate Change Threatening Survival of Pakistani Children – UNICEF Report

Children are most vulnerable to climate crisis

Pakistan is securing number 8th in most affected countries by climate change UNICEF reported that Children in Pakistan are most vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. Pakistan is at number 14th on the Children’s Climate Risk Index where children are at high risk to experience impacts of climate change. The Government of Pakistan is […]

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Climate Change Is Increasing Food Shortage Around The World

food shortage around the world

INTRODUCTION Climate change is bringing consequences predicted by experts over years ago. The increasing food shortage around the world is also an impact of climate change. Human activities such as fossil fuel combustion release greenhouse gases that are causing greenhouse effects and global warming. Ultimately the whole scenario is leading to the rising temperature of […]

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