How COP26 Aims To Tackle Climate Change – Save Environment

COP26 like other conferences is aiming to save the Earth with new objectives


This year another climate change conference was held as per schedule. Notable leaders of different countries participated with an aim to lessen the ongoing crises of climate change. COVID-19 pandemic did affect the planning of the COP26 meeting and many concerns were raised in order to delay the upcoming main event that aimed to talk over strategies that developing countries should opt for.

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Climate change conferences are organized to discuss previous success or failure of goals along with new objectives. The purpose of the advance measures is to ensure that the participant countries will follow the proposed strategies aiming to achieve sustainability by the end of the designated year.


COP26 is generally referred to as the conference of parties, this gathering following the previously arranged climate change conferences was scheduled to be held in Glasgow, the United Kingdom from 31 October to 12 November 2021.

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The Earth is in dire need of actions to be taken by world leaders. We already have seen many disasters and this will continue until stringent actions are carried out. The outcome of the meeting could be divided into the following action plans.


The chief aim of COP26 focuses on cutting off coal-fueled power plants and finding renewable clean green energy that has less drastic impacts on the climate of the Earth. China – one of the top polluters in the world – is also aiming to turn down its coal-based power plants. Pakistan which is a developing country has also shut down its power plant that was running on coal, although the country’s contribution to the global emission of greenhouse gases is less than 1%. Read more details here Pakistan Govt. Launches 6 Initiatives To Control Environmental Degradation.

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The purpose of the conference is to come up with solutions to reverse or at least lessen the anticipated rise of Earth’s temperature by 1.5°C in upcoming years. Verbal speech by attendees indicates that more efforts would be implemented in near future to eliminate the emission of greenhouse gases. Read: Ways To Reduce Global Warming and Stop Earth from Heating Up


COP26 aims to grant developing countries with climate funds in order to tackle growing climate crises. It also has objectives to assist developing countries in their Green energy projects that promote sustainable development with fewer impacts on the environment.


One of the aims of COP26 includes Carbon capture technology, it is based on capturing carbon before being released into the atmosphere. The increasing concentration of carbon compounds in the air is causing the greenhouse gas effect and eventually triggering global warming. This proposed new technique is under progress and soon to be executed upon success.


2021 was the year of disaster in terms of wildfires, floods, heatwaves, and many other natural disasters that hit Earth way harder. The massive level of destruction around the world due to climate change is disheartening. Although the traditional conference on climate attended by strong leaders of great countries is aiming together to reduce the impacts of climate change, how far this meeting would prove to be successful is under consideration. We as inhabitants of Earth should play our part and must opt for ways that could anyway reduce our contribution to climate change.

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