Sustainable Green Living In Pakistan – Combat Climate Change


It is of no surprise to assert that Pakistan, one of the global South countries, is extremely vulnerable to the negative repercussions of climate change. This has been evident over the years with natural disasters afflicting extreme damage to the lives of people, property, and the overall economy of Pakistan. Most importantly, the floods of […]

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Clean and Healthy Environment: Protecting the Right to Life and Reducing Violent Crimes

INTRODUCTION The core idea of a clean and healthy environment is that all people are entitled to live in a healthy, clean, and safe environment. Protection of the Right to life through a clean and healthy environment, clean water, food, and air is a fundamental right granted by article 9 of the 1973 constitution of […]

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Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources of Pakistan

Introduction: Climate Change and Water Resources – Why has water become so scarce in Pakistan and the reason behind it Although water scarcity is a global issue, this is particularly an alarming concern in countries where population growth is rapidly increasing. Pakistan is also a highly water stressed country because of this reason. Karachi in […]

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How to Reduce Disastrous Impacts of Floods? – Mitigation Methods

Introduction: Climate Change and Increased bouts of Extreme Weather Events Climate Change has lead to an alarming increase in extreme weather events like tornadoes, cyclones, floods, GLOFs and cloudbursts to name a few. Extreme Weather Events are the result of atmospheric conditions on the extreme side of the weather. Although these cases of extreme weather […]

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AI And Its Role In Environmental Protection And Restoration

What is meant by ” AI”? AI- short for Artificial Intelligence is the system or machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. They are different from robots that can be pre-programmed to perform a certain task/s. This is because AI can overtime learn to improve itself by processing the information it has […]

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Tropical Cyclones and their Causes, Effects and Management

What are Tropical Cyclones? Tropical Cyclones are known by many different names around the world. They are also called Hurricanes or Typhoons. Tropical cyclones are one of the most severe and dangerous type of natural disaster. They are formed over warm ocean waters in tropical regions where the weather is warmer about 26.5 degree Celsius […]

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