12 Incredibly Beautiful Natural Places In World In Pictures

beautiful places in the world


Our Earth is beautiful with different ecosystems such as marine, freshwater, deserts, etc. There are numerous places with scenic beauty that leave everyone in wonder. Countries that have these places attract tourists from all around the world. There are mountains, rivers, lakes, and many strange but amazing places on the Earth. We have selected 12 incredibly beautiful places in the World displayed with pictures.

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Location: Maldives

Unique Features: The Maldives has Coralline beaches where white sand with fine texture made Maldives islands extremely important for tourists. These kinds of beaches with shallow and clear water are rare in the world.

coralline beaches


Location: Pamukkule – Denizli – Turkey

Unique Features: Pamukkule is regarded as a cotton castle because from a distance this place gives such looks. This place has small pouring white pools filled with turquoise water and walled by limestone.

cotton castle

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Location: Antelope Canyon –  Arizona – USA

Unique Features: The structure of Antelope canyon makes it quite attractive for photographers and tourists. There are curves and wave-like marks on the Canyons. It is said that the canyon has such a shape due to flowing water in the past.

wave-like structures


Location: China

Mount Langshan and Mount Wanfo – Hunan

Mount Danxia – Guangdong

Taining and Mount Guanzhi – Fujian

Mount Longhu and Guifeng – Jiangxi

Fangyan, Mount Jianglang – Zhejiang

Mount Chishui – Guizhou

Unique Features: In China, there are at least six places that have such landforms; all places are mentioned in the location section. Danxia landforms are colorful rocks that vary in size and height. These unique landforms are the product of ancient events and are mostly created by sandstone deposits.

rainbow mountain

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Location: Huanglong – Sichuan – China

Unique Features: This place is included in the list of World Heritage Sites prepared by UNESCO. It is termed a yellow dragon. It has a karst landscape that enhances the unique features of this place as compared to others.

yellow dragon


Location: Jordan Rift Valley – Jordan

Unique Features: Dead sea is characterized as the saltiest sea and it is included among the saltiest seas in the World. It is called the dead sea because there is no exit route and its main tributary is River Jordan.

saltiest sea

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Location: Skardu – Gilgit Baltistan – Pakistan

Unique Features: Skardu is famous for its natural scenic beauty that includes mountain areas. It is close to the Karakoram and Himalayan ranges. Tourists come from all around the world especially mountaineers and trekkers.

beautiful places in the world


Location: Darvaza – Ahal – Turkmenistan

Unique Features: This place is famous for Darvaza gas crater. How a barren landscape becomes the door to hellfire or gates of hell is still a mystery. It is a geological phenomenon where the ground is sinking downward due to the natural gas field.

door to hellfire


Location: Caño Cristales – Serrania de la Macarena – Colombia

Unique Features: This place is known as the river of five colors and another term is Rainbow River. The colorful water is due to the red plants growing in riverbeds.  In other words, it is regarded as the liquid rainbow. This river has pools, waterfalls, green algae, etc.

Cascadas Manto de La Virgen - Caño Cristales - La Macarena - Meta - ColombiaImage Source: Gicaman, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Location: Giant’s Causeway –Bushmills – Ireland

Unique Features: This place is a natural wonder. The unique feature of Giant’s causeway is due to volcanic eruptions that happened in past time. The structure consists of approximately 40,000 interlocking columns of basalt.

volcanic eruption caused basalt columns.

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Location: Uyuni Salt Flat – Daniel Campos – Bolivia

Unique Features: In other words, it is known as Salar de Tunup. It is regarded as the largest salt flat in the world. It was a lake that has dried due to evaporation leaving behind salt deposits. This place is covering an area of 11000 square kilometers.

largest salt flat


Location: Blue Lagoon – Reykjanes Peninsula – Iceland

Unique Features: This place is a natural spa and known as geothermal seawater. The water of the blue lagoon is a complete wonder because it renews after 48 hours. The seawater is enriched with minerals such as silica.

iceland geothermal seawater

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