Why Ecocide Should Be Made an International Crime?

Ecocide should be legitimized as international crime


Ecocide and genocide are rhyming words. Isn’t it? The difference is genocide is a massive killing of people and considered an international crime while ecocide is massive destruction of the Earth’s ecosystem and it has not evaluated as an international crime yet.

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Ecocide is defined as the destruction of Earth’s ecosystem at a large scale that in return shows the impact on all living beings. You can get detail of this in the aforementioned article (What is Ecocide? Causes, Effects, and Solutions)


At the present moment, there are four international crimes such as

  • Genocide
  • War Crimes
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • The Crime of Aggression

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court deals with the above-described crimes.

The term ecocide has been defined by using various terminologies. However, the deterioration of the Earth’s environment hasn’t received enough attention to be evaluated as an international crime. Ecocide includes intentional human actions that likely have negative impacts on living beings, natural resources, and the ecosystem.

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There is an uproar that ecocide should be considered the fifth international crime among other international crimes already mentioned in the above heading. Many experts are saying that the discussion of ecocide will make a difference. We must keep highlighting the issue at the international level and demand legal actions against the detrimental activities.

The actual thing is would that ever happen? Because superpower countries, corporate businesses, and the mafia are actively committing ecocide. Since the industrial revolution, the temperature of the Earth is increasing and it doesn’t stop here. We can still witness expansions in industrialization.

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Why is it necessary to make ecocide an international law? This is because of several reasons. Out of many reasons, the key cause is corporate capitalism. If ecocide gets included in the list of international crimes then legal actions and sanctions could be proposed against the corporate world.

It is a matter of great concern for humans. The corporate world is solely responsible for environmental damage. You can read details about how the top 10 companies are major contributors to the World’s third emission of Carbon. The consequences are slow but persistent. The extinct species are gone and some are vulnerable to extinction. Climate change is happening at its worst pace. Sustainable goals are mere ways to find compensation for environmental damage, but in reality, the impacts could be lessened but never reversed.

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Instead of finding solutions to the ongoing deterioration of the environment, the billionaires are approaching other planets. We need to understand two things; number one is Earth is our planet where we can breathe, live and prosper. Second is Mars is one of the planets in the solar system and the atmospheric conditions are unlivable. The covid -19 situation has made it clear that during lockdown the atmospheric conditions were improved. Check out Impact of Corona virus Pandemic on the Environment of Pakistan

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