Pakistan’s Native Vultures – Reasons for Population Decline?

Introduction: In Pakistan, Vultures are also known locally as ‘Giddhs’ are considered to be an omen of bad luck in some South Asian societies and tribes whereas simultaneously, there are communities and tribes across South Asia that also consider them to be sacred. From an ecological perspective, vultures or giddhs are extremely important for our […]

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Pakistani Tourists and the Fruit Trees of Gilgit Baltistan

Introduction: Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan is one of the most picturesque and scenic regions. It is also a hotbed of diverse flora and fauna as well as rich culture of the various mountain villages and communities living there since thousands of years with their own food, traditions and various festivals that also serve as an […]

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Crucial Role of Oil in Ecosystem Balance: Exploring Oil Pollution and the Oil Industry’s Impact


Introduction Oil, an integral component of the Earth’s geology, plays a vital role in maintaining ecological balance. However, the exploitation of oil resources, alongside its associated pollution and the practices of the oil industry, has ignited concerns about the toll on our environment. This article delves into the essentiality of oil within the ecosystem, scrutinizes […]

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Innovative Methods For Textile Waste Management

Introduction: What is Textile Industry? Textile refers to the production and manufacturing of yarn fiber, fabric and clothing used for the purpose of making and designing clothes used by the various industries including fast fashion as well as various other sectors like engineering for road reinforcements, insulation material etc. What are the Impacts of Textile […]

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Environmental Justice: Ensuring Equity and Sustainability for All


Introduction: In recent years, the concept of environmental justice has gained significant attention as societies grapple with the pressing challenges of environmental degradation and social inequality. Environmental justice seeks to address the disproportionate burden of environmental harm borne by marginalized communities and advocates for fair treatment, meaningful participation, and equal access to a clean and […]

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Preserving Our Planet: Imperative of Environmental Conservation

Introduction: In a rapidly changing world where the consequences of human actions are becoming increasingly apparent, the need for environmental conservation has never been more critical. As the custodians of our planet, it is our responsibility to protect and preserve the delicate ecosystems that sustain all life on Earth. This article explores the importance of […]

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Poisonous Pesticides: Harmful Impacts on Humans and Nature

Introduction: What are Pesticides? How many Types of Pesticides are there? Pesticides are the chemicals manufactured and used for the purpose of killing pests- any animal, plant or organism that harms the crops and human health and are unwanted. Pesticides are of 4 types: Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides and Rodenticides. There are some others as well […]

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Occupational Health Risks and Hazards Related to Agriculture

Introduction: Risks and Hazards in Agriculture Pakistan has the population of around 235 million as of 2023, and 42% of our population is directly employed or earns their livelihood through agriculture. It is therefore not wrong to say that Farmers and the agriculture sector form the backbone of Pakistan’s economy as well as provide the […]

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