LK-99 Potential for Environmental Protection and Restoration

What is LK-99? LK-99 is a so called, potential super conductor at room temperature that has recently been discovered by a team of researchers from South Korea. A material that is called a superconductor is different from a normal conductor (of heat and electricity such as metals) because a material capable of superconductivity has no […]

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Lack of Climate Change Research in Pakistan – Need and Importance

Introduction: Climate Change Research and Pakistan Although Pakistan emits less than 1 percent of the global emissions of green house gases but has suffered immensely due to climate change. Even future projections tell us of increasingly dire consequences for Pakistan. It is not fair that Pakistan has to bear the brunt of climate change and […]

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10 New Innovative Water Purification Ideas and Techniques

Drinking water is crucial for survival for life on Earth so it is obvious that there should be plenty of drinking water and that too clean drinking water if humanity wants to survive on this planet. But unfortunately humans have destroyed fresh water resources due to their selfishness and greedy activities, which has caused degradation […]

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Now Water Pollution Can Be Cleaned Up Using Sunlight

water pollution by chemical toxins

INTRODUCTION Water pollution is a serious environmental issue because water scarcity might become a universal matter of discord. Contaminants, toxins, and impurities that are either man-made or natural eventually find their place in water. The reason could be given that water covers 97% of the globe. 3% of water comes under freshwater including glaciers, ice […]

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Climate Change Causing Rice Crop Yield Reduction In Pakistan

crop yield is declining due to climate change

INTRODUCTION Climate change is wrecking havoc everywhere around the world. Pakistan is among the top affected countries by climate change. Pakistan is an agrarian country where the developing economy is based on the agriculture sector. Climate change is adversely impacting agriculture production in Pakistan. Check out: The Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture in Pakistan […]

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Weather Impacts Number of COVID-19 Cases In Pakistan – Research

increasing temperature has resulted in rising COVID-19 cases in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION The start of the pandemic COVID-19 created panic all around the world. Due to imposed lockdown, people blindly bought essential food items and other necessary things that resulted in increased demand for commodities. Everyone was unaware of the future situation because the number of COVID-19 cases was rising at great speed. The number of […]

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Eating Fish From Chenab River Pakistan Can Be Deadly For You

trace metals are found in Chenab River

INTRODUCTION People that live nearby the water body usually depend on fish species for livelihood and food sources. But nowadays, urban and fertilizers runoff, industrial effluents, etc are being discharged into water bodies. These activities are polluting the water, degrading drinking water quality as well as causing problems for species inhabiting the freshwater body. WHAT […]

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Environmental Impact of Heavy Metal Pollution in Pakistan

heavy metal pollution in Pakistan is causing groundwater pollution

INTRODUCTION Heavy metals are trace elements that are naturally present in the Earth’s crust. Exposure to heavy metals is lethal depends on the concentration level of these pollutants. These high-density elements are toxic in nature and can lead to cancer in humans. They are persistent and are not degraded or decayed in the environment that […]

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Aquifer Vulnerability And Groundwater Quality In Pakistan

tubewells in Pakistan are used for extracting groundwater

INTRODUCTION Pakistan is a developing country where people in millions are dependent on the agriculture sector for their livelihoods. It is imperative to mention that Pakistan is on the edge of becoming a water-scarce country. Check out The Projected Future of Water Scarcity Crisis In Pakistan AQUIFER An aquifer is defined as an unconsolidated material […]

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