10 Green Eco-Friendly Inventions Helping Restore Ecosystem


Environment is the surrounding in which the living organisms such as Humans, animals, plants and non-living things with which living organisms interact. Environment plays a critical role in the existence of living things on the planet earth as they are dependent on the food, air, water etc. which are the basic components on the environment. As we are dependent on the environment for our existence on earth so, we have to protect our environment and conserve it. Due to human activities the environment is effecting contributing to environmental disasters such as global warming, acid rain, pollution, climate change etc.

Green environment refers to the conservation of the environment and improving the conditions directly and indirectly through different techniques, inventions, and processes. Green environment in the current time has a lot of significance as the environmental issues are increasing day by day. Green environment also refers to use the available resources in such a manner that reduce the impacts of environmental issues and improve the quality. Green environment helps to conserve energy which is an important natural resource.

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Green environment friendly inventions are one of the ways to conserve environment and reduce the environmental issues. The Green environment friendly inventions help to restore the ecosystem. These inventions are invented by knowing the environmental issues and the knowledge of how to tackle them. As the environmental issues are increasing day by day, the numbers of inventions are also increasing to control them. The top 10 Green environment friendly inventions that help to restore the ecosystem are discussed in this article.

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The plastic pollution is enormous issue now days, as it is polluting the environment and badly affects the human health too as it is a cancer causing agent according to research. Plastic pollution refers to the plastic materials consumption in the earth’s environment such as plastic bottles and bags. To tackle this issue edible cutlery was invented which is environment friendly and reduce plastic pollution. They are free of additives and were designed by the Narayana Peesapaty (CEO and founder of Bakery, India). Edible cutlery are used globally in bakeries and are easily decomposed.


The plastic pollution has adverse effects on the marine life. The marine species such as turtles and fishes mistake plastics leading to starvation and die due to it. To tackle this problem and get rid of garbage in water bodies and beaches, the seabin project was invented in 2015 by Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski. This project works to conserve environment by collecting trash floating in water bodies and garbage near water bodies. They collect data to guide and create awareness in public to protect the environment. Also read: Marine Pollution – Its Risky Effects on Marine Life & Humans


Food is one of the most basic need of not only human beings but all the living organisms. The food packaging matters along with food as it is ensures the food safety and food quality. The food packaging after the completion of meal is thrown which becomes burden on the environment. Edible packaging is introduced to reduce the plastic accumulation and they are easy to decompose improving the health of the environment. Sustainable packaging also keeps the food healthy with good quality.


The Green environment is also about the conservation of energy and resources. The conservation of resources keeps the environment healthy and reduces the impacts on it. The solar cooker is a unique invention to help restore the eco system. The solar cooker reduces the loss of energy, minimize the costs as they don’t use fuel, and reduce carbon footprints. They reduce the environmental damage caused by the use of fuel. Also read: What is Solar Energy? – Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages


The waste material accumulation is common as the waste material such as garbage, trash and plastic is thrown in different places such as water bodies. These materials are then difficult to collect on large level. The drainage pipe nets are invented to collect and gather garbage and trash on large level to help conserve the environment. This invention controls the pollution in water ways and leading to the healthier environment for the marine life.

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The plastic waste roads used plastics as their main components and are more sustainable than the ordinary roads. During manufacturing, they are eco-friendly and emits less green house gases. They reduce plastic pollution by consuming used plastics from landfills and dumpsites and helps restore eco system. One such road has been recently been constructed in Islamabad, Pakistan.


Shampoo pods were invented by Benjamin Stern for the first time in order to reduce plastic pollution. They are eco friendly, easy to use and low in cost. They are more sustainable and beneficial to environment as the world is suffering from the plastic pollution currently and unique inventions like this keeps us in fight to save the world.

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The whirlpool turbine was invented to generate electricity without harming the environment. It is a low pressure turbine that requires less energy and operates easily. It is eco friendly and conserves the environment in sense that it saves energy and produce electricity which is not harmful to environment.


Another invention helping in the saving of energy, Solar Glow in the Dark paths. It works by absorbing the solar light in the day and glows (emits light) after the sun down. This invention is another example that helps in the conservation of the environment by reducing the energy use and costs and also saves energy.


The modern invention of this era, shipping container pools. The goods are imported and exported in large quantities in containers, which results in the thousands of containers lying dormant after the trade. The shipping container pools in sustainable and eco friendly invention. The shipping containers are melted down by use of energy and release of toxic gases which affects environment badly, instead the shipping container pools are build which saves the energy and protects the environment too.


It is our duty to conserve the environment and protect it by saving energy and reducing the pollution and other processes that contribute in the environmental issues. The green environment friendly inventions should be used to conserve the environment.

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