Environmental Damage Due to Tourism Industry of Pakistan

Introduction With the development of tourism in Pakistan and increase in number of foreign and local tourists after the last decade. The uncontrolled and unprecedented tourism also causes damage to the environment and natural habitat. This is obviously due to the fact that Pakistan is an extremely beautiful country. Check out 7 Must See Beautiful […]

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10 Simple Ways To Go Paperless At Home And In Your Business

go paperless and save the environment

INTRODUCTION The generation of paper is one of the processes that cause environmental pollution. The machines that involve in paper production release greenhouse gases into the air causing global warming. Admittedly, air pollution is increasing day by day. Also, water pollution is going side by side and water quality is continuously being deteriorated by the […]

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Eco-Friendly Sustainable Interior Design – How To Do It?

acoustics, building material, will make interior design eco-friendly

INTRODUCTION Environmental friendly sustainable interior design could be described as the reduction in the utilization of resources that are used during the construction of infrastructure especially homes or buildings. The resources include sustainable materials that have fewer impacts on the environment and human health. Check out We Are Witnessing Climate Change Kill Our World A […]

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What Are Alternative Fuels? Types, Benefits, and Importance

alternative fuels include biomass, electric batteries, etc

INTRODUCTION Conventional fuels are fossil fuels that are not eco-friendly. We must shift to alternative fuels to save the environment. Advanced and non-conventional fuels are regarded as alternative fuels. ALTERNATIVE FUELS This term is defined as the use of substances or materials as fuels for powering vehicles. These alternative fuels are different from conventional fuels […]

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Agroforestry – Importance and Application in Pakistan

Agroforestry is gaining importance in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Pakistan is an agrarian country, where the demand for food is increasing because of the growing population. Agroforestry is an agriculture practice that has various ecological, social, and economical advantages. You may like to read Sustainable Agriculture Practices and their Advantages AGROFORESTRY This term is defined as a unit of land use management systems […]

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