Climate Change in Pakistan- Its Effects and Solutions

Introduction: Moving past global warming, the world has entered into the era of global boiling (for more info: What exactly is Global Boiling? – Causes, Effects, Solutions). As one of the most vulnerable countries, Pakistan is already facing a myriad of problems due to the changing environment and climatic effects it has on our landscape, […]

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Water and Women: Gender Inequality and Environmental Justice


Gender Inequality and Environmental Justice: Gender inequality usually means that for women it is more difficult to obtain natural resources and use them on land due to restricted access or inability to use them that makes it difficult to fight against or even simply deal with environmental changes and other climatic issues they have to […]

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What is meant by Eco-Feminism? Why is it so Important?


What is the meaning of Eco-Feminism? Eco-feminism is a portmanteau word comprising of ‘Ecology’ and ‘Feminism’. It is essentially a branch of both the feminist ideology and political ecology- which is the relationship of society and politics with reference to environmental changes and issues and how they are intrinsically connected. Eco-feminism is simply a philosophy […]

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How To Make Pakistani Educational Institutes Eco-Friendly?

Introduction: Pakistani Educational Institutes in particular are not very environmentally friendly. This includes higher education institutes like universities especially due to their ceaseless operation and large scale. To mitigate the impact of climate change and do their part as educators of the future generations; universities can adopt many practical ways and responsibilities to set an […]

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How Space Exploration Is Terrible For Our Environment?

Space Exploration and Environment: The fascination with what lies beyond out atmosphere is as old as the advent of modern civilization. Modern technology and research has enabled humans to develop ways and formulas that has lead to space exploration. However, in the quest to find signs of life beyond our planetary boundaries we disregard what […]

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How to Prevent Soil Erosion? Traditional and Modern Methods

What is Soil Erosion? Among the many types of soil degradation, soil erosion is one of the most common one and is often frequently associated with many other environmentally degrading activities like deforestation, clearing of land for cultivation, flooding and excessive water runoff etc. to name a few. In short, soil erosion means that the […]

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