Sustainable Green Living In Pakistan – Combat Climate Change


It is of no surprise to assert that Pakistan, one of the global South countries, is extremely vulnerable to the negative repercussions of climate change. This has been evident over the years with natural disasters afflicting extreme damage to the lives of people, property, and the overall economy of Pakistan. Most importantly, the floods of […]

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What is E-Waste or Electronic Waste? – Sources and Impacts

What Is Meant By Electronic Waste? Also known as E-waste, electronic waste is the waste generated from electronic appliances when they are disposed off or discarded as waste. It includes the various internal circuit boards, silicon chips etc., that can potentially be reused or recycled. Electronic Waste further involves all sort of various different equipment […]

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Blueprint of an Eco-city – How To Create Sustainable Cities?

‘Eco-city’ is an umbrella term that covers various notions of, and approaches to, sustainable urbanism, rather than a conceptually coherent and practically uniform phenomenon––sister terms include ‘climate-neutral city’, ‘low-carbon city’, ‘smart city’, ‘sustainable city’, ‘transition towns’, among others..” (Joss 2012:5) Eco-city is a new buzzword in Environmentalism. It is an over-arching term which covers anything […]

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Biodynamic Farming Benefits and Importance for Environment

What is Biodynamic Farming? Biodynamic farming is an ethical approach to agriculture that has combined both science and spiritual values. First introduced and developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1924; it is the type of farming behind which lies the obscure philosophy of treating the entire farm as a living organism and it integrates all plants, […]

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Environmental Damage Due to Tourism Industry of Pakistan

Introduction With the development of tourism in Pakistan and increase in number of foreign and local tourists after the last decade. The uncontrolled and unprecedented tourism also causes damage to the environment and natural habitat. This is obviously due to the fact that Pakistan is an extremely beautiful country. Check out 7 Must See Beautiful […]

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What is Climate Justice and Why Is It Important?

What is Climate Justice? Climate change, by its very nature, is a societal issue that can disrupt anyone’s everyday life in a variety of ways. However, not all environmental consequences are treated equally, nor are they dispersed in the same way. Climate change has substantial impacts on historically oppressed, underprivileged or disadvantaged groups, from harsh […]

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