Possible Careers And Jobs After Environmental Science Degree

There are a lot of possible career paths students can take after obtaining a degree in Environmental Science and the job options and scope is only set to grow in the upcoming decades. Almost all sectors and industries are set to have a job position for environmental science major due to the increasing focus and consciousness on sustainability and eco-friendly products. However, below is a list of the many career and job options available after completing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science.

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List of Careers and Job Options for Environmental Science Graduates:

  1. Consultancy Agencies: Preparing reports for EIA and IEE, Laboratory testing, Measuring carbon footprint for vehicles or personal assets and property etc. Graduates may also be exposed to some aspects of environmental law at consutlancy agencies.
  2. Testing Laboratories: The analytical chemistry skills and sampling knowledge gained during the period of 4 years as an undergraduate will be much welcomed at various testing laboratories for water, air, noise or even soil that would be required by many industries to make sure the limits are not being exceeded.
  3. Enviro-Engineering Firms: Building and maintaining sustainable and environmental friendly buildings, projects and developmental infrastructure.
  4. Water and Minerals Explorer on Companies
  5. Civil Engineering Companies: as researcher to promote sustainability in construction practices, safety and eco-friendly designs for better and stronger buildings.
  6. Drilling and Mining Companies
  7. Environmental Sciences Consultants
  8. Health and Safety Departments: Many multinational companies like Coca Cola, Unilever, Pepsi etc. seek environmental specialists in this field and almost every industry does regardless of what sort of industry it is.
  9. OHS Specialist / Officers: Occupational Health and Safety Officers are highly sought after, additional certification after graduation may be required in NEBOSH or ISO.
  10. Research Institutes/Labs: As teachers, lecturers and researchers.
  11. Green Businesses
  12. Textile Industry
  13. Agroforestry departments
  14. Governmental Positions: such as in Ministry of Climate Change
  15. Survey of Pakistan
  16. Military Services: PN-SPD, MTC, JHPN to name a few.
  17. WWF: As a nature conservation specialists, wildlife conservation and preservation or flora and fauna.
  18. Ministry of Petroleum
  19. EPA, SEPA, PEPA: Environmental Protection Agency, Sindh Environmental Protection Agency, Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency etc.
  20. Pakistan Atomic Energy: exploration for renewable energy from nuclear fusion reactions and other nuclear processes etc. through research and development.
  21. Meteorology Department (PMD)
  22. Petroleum Services Companies: for fossil fuel extraction and use.
  23. Surveying and Mapping
  24. GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist: Additional certification may be required for advanced GIS skills.
  25. Urban and Town Planning: for betterment and improvement of the city and towns overall in compliance with sustainable development and mitigating the effects of urban heat islands.
  26. Natural Resource Mapping: related to GIS and remote sensing so additional certificate to pursue this field would be an added benefit.
  27. Forestry, Agriculture and Minerals department
  28. Groundwater exploration
  29. Land use, Climate change and disaster management related fields: such as PDMA

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