31 Topics for Environmental Science Assignment Presentation

Hey there stressed and tensed looking student, are you frantically searching for an assignment topic related to the environment? Or maybe trying to find a unique and cool topic for your upcoming environmental science related presentation? Or maybe you need to write a paper about some environmental topic? If you are looking for any of the above, then you are at the right place at the right time as in this post we will be listing some really interesting and unique Environmental Sciences topics that will ensure your assignment, presentation or paper is the best of all and the most different and unique! Imagine everyone else has discussed the same old boring topics, while you come up with a topic that no one in your class has ever heard of! So check out this list below and prepare to get an A+ as well as the appreciation of your peers and teachers.

The best part of this list is that if you click on the topic, a detailed article on it will open up so you won’t even have to search for material elsewhere! So check them out and ask us in the comments if you need any further help!

    1. 2019-2021 The Years of Wildfires – Causes and Effects
    2. Dematerialisation – Environmental Sustainability Benefits
    3. Impact of Heavy Metal Pollution on the Environment
    4. Environmental Impact of Extraction of Pearls (Pearl farming)
    5. Flash Floods – Causes, Effects, Prevention and Management
    6. Environmental Impacts of Ozone Depletion due to CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons)
    7. What Is Causing Sudden Increase In Sinkholes Around The World?
    8. What are sinkholes? Causes and Effects
    9. Biological Warfare and Its Catastrophic Effect on Environment
    10. Biological Warfare – Agents and Its Types
    11. Anthropogenic Factors That Cause Species Decline
    12. What Is Decarbonization And How To Do It Successfully?
    13. What is Biofouling? Causes, Effects, and Solutions
    14. Can We Still Save Environment Or Is It Too Late?
    15. What is Greenwashing? – Types and Negative Effects
    16. Why Ecocide Should Be Made an International Crime?
    17. What is Ecocide? Causes, Effects, and Solutions
    18. Makeup Industry and Its Negative Impacts on the Environment
    19. Fashion Industry and Its Negative Impacts on the Environment
    20. Cryptocurrency Mining and Its Negative Impact on Environment
    21. Rooftop Vegetation and Vertical Gardening – Solution to Self-Sustenance
    22. What’s Biomanipulation? Importance, Advantages, Disadvantages
    23. Deep Sea Mining and Its Negative Effects on the Environment
    24. Hunting and Poaching of Wildlife – Causes, Effects, and Solutions
    25. Thermal Pollution – Causes, Effects, and Solutions
    26. What’s Green Gentrification? Its Causes and Negative Impacts
    27. Urban Heat Islands – Causes, Effects, and Solutions
    28. What is Agroecology? Importance and Impact on Environment
    29. Overfishing and Fish Stock Depletion – Causes, Effects, Solutions
    30. Negative Impacts of Space Exploration on the Environment
    31.  What Are Alternative Fuels? Types, Benefits, and Importance


30 Environmental Science Assignment or Presentation Topics

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