Rooftop Vegetation and Vertical Gardening – Solution to Self-Sustenance

rooftop gardening is sustainable way of growing food.


Rooftop vegetation and vertical gardening are included in the methods of urban farming. The rising temperature of the Earth’s surface is triggering natural disasters. Global warming is showing negative consequences on wildlife, marine biodiversity, plants, and humans.


The rooftop vegetation is defined as a type of farming or garden on the rooftop of a building, home, or any residential infrastructure. This term is also known as green roofs.


Vertical gardening is defined as a method of growing plants vertically on a wall or building structure, in the building or offices, etc by using any sustainable agriculture method. The growing plants are either linked to the wall or freestanding.


The techniques of growing rooftop vegetation and vertical gardening include hydroponics. More details are available in this article Hydroponics – The Future of Agriculture?

TIP: Choose the location (rooftop/ any selected wall), prepare the soil, connect a water and nutrient source system and plant your favorite vegetables, flowers, etc.

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Rooftop vegetation and vertical gardening can have ecological as well as economic benefits. The importance of rooftop vegetation and vertical gardening is as follow:

  • Both can be used for decorative purposes.
  • They provide temperature control. The urban heat island effect can be reduced using these techniques.
  • Rooftop vegetation can provide fresh vegetables and fruits while vertical gardening enhances the architectural beauty of the building.
  • Vegetation and gardens improve air quality and filter air pollutants such as carbon dioxide.
  • The economic value of the building increases due to rooftop vegetables/vertical gardening.


In a world, where natural resources are decreasing and food insecurity might prevail sooner or later, rooftop vegetation is a good solution for self-sustenance.

Agriculture is getting affected by climate change and extreme weather events. The soil is becoming infertile. All these factors are leading nowhere but food shortage. The percentage of food waste being generated by major economic countries raises serious concerns.

We as individuals should work in self-sustaining ways because it is the demand of upcoming times.

  • By growing rooftop vegetation, you can produce your own food at home.
  • The food that is obtained from rooftop vegetation is mostly free of harmful chemicals.
  • It is a part of eco-friendly and sustainable solutions and you can act as a responsible citizen.
  • The economic situation could be improved by using rooftop vegetation.
  • You can sell vegetables, plants, flowers that you might be growing on the rooftop.
  • Rooftop vegetation will reduce the economic burden.
  • The overexploitation of natural reserves will also be decreased.
  • Easy access to fresh vegetables just at your rooftop.


The indoor heat in summers can be managed using air conditioners, but what about outdoor heat? There are numerous ways by which the heat island effect can be reduced that include sustainable urban farming, making cities green. Rooftop vegetation and vertical gardening have their own significance but these strategies can reduce carbon footprint.

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