Global Warming – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

global warming is inducing natural disasters


Global Warming: It is defined as the abrupt rise in the overall temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. This situation is generally characterized as greenhouse effects.

Greenhouse Gases: The radiations are absorbed by greenhouse gases that in return emitted in the thermal infrared range. The greenhouse gases are methane, carbon dioxide, water vapors, nitrous oxide, etc.

Greenhouse Effects: It is defined as a process in which the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere absorb radiation from the sun and emit it back in the thermal infrared range. This process increases the temperature of Earth and nowadays this process is a leading cause of global warming.

Currently, the greenhouse effect is responsible for a gradual rise in Earth’s temperature due to high levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases also include pollutants such as CFCs, ozone, CO2, etc. However, water vapors are a major source of greenhouse effects.

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Global warming is an outcome of anthropogenic activities. The main causes of global warming are listed below.

1. Deforestation: The trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air. Deforestation has led to the increasing level of air pollutants in the atmosphere.

2. Fossil fuel Combustion: Fossil fuel combustion in power plants, vehicles releases greenhouse gases.

3. Mining: Mining activities related to natural gas lead to global warming. Check out: Mining Pollution – Causes, Effects, and Solutions.

4. Industries: Industries are a source of air pollutant that releases harmful chemicals such as CFCs in the air.

5. Cattle Farms: The greenhouse gases are also emitted from cattle farms.

6. Rice Paddies: Rice paddies emit greenhouse gases mainly methane that contribute to global warming.

7. Landfill Sites: Methane is released from landfill sites.


The effects of global warming are listed below.

1. Ocean Acidification and Coral Bleaching: Oceans act as a carbon sink. The high concentration of carbon dioxide is getting absorbed by the ocean surface leading to ocean acidification and coral bleaching. For more info: What is Ocean Acidification? – Causes, Effects and Solutions.

2. Frequent Natural Disasters: Due to rising global temperature and climate change, the world is facing frequent natural disasters.

3. Sea Level Rise: Global warming is causing glacier retreat and the average sea level is rising.

4. Disruption of Food Chain: The extreme weather events due to global warming are affecting fertile lands leading to disruption of the food chain.

5. Droughts and Famine: Changes in atmospheric temperature due to Global warming are causing floods that reduce net crop yields ultimately leading to droughts and famine.

6. Species Extinction: Global Warming is also leading to extinction of species that cannot adapt to the warming temperatures of earth.

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The impacts of global warming have disastrous consequences which can only be reduced with the following preventive measures.

1. Afforestation/Reforestation: Planting more trees can help reduce the impacts of global warming. Forest cover reduces the level of air pollutants in the atmosphere.

2. Fuel-Efficient Vehicles: This is a very important solution; shifting to fuel-efficient vehicles will less likely contribute to the release of greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

3. Avoid Burning Fossil Fuels: Fossil fuel combustion should be avoided at all levels because coal-fired power plants contribute to global warming.

4. 3 Rs: Adopting the “reduce, reuse, and recycle” strategy will provide relief against the increasing effects of global warming.

5. Carbon sequestration: It involves capturing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Forest cover act as a carbon sink. For detailed info, read: What is Carbon Sequestration? – Techniques and Importance.


Global warming due to human activities is showing dangerous consequences on the whole ecosystem. The high level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to deforestation is causing greenhouse effects. Logging should be banned in order to reduce the effects of global warming. Glacier retreat due to global warming is resulting in floods and GLOF events. Avoiding preventive measures may cause food insecurity in the world.

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