15 Ways Kids Can Help Save The Earth

This article is especially for kids as they are equally important citizens of our world. They play an equally important role in bringing a better change in our world. Kids are the future of our world and it is important for them to be environmentally conscious and eco-friendly, considering what degraded condition our world’s environment is currently in. Kids can help save the environment and Earth by taking small steps towards being responsible citizens.

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The things mentioned in this list are pretty simple and straightforward so kids of all ages will be able to practically apply them into their daily lives. If all kids in the world start adopting these simple habits, then our world can definitely recover from the damage that our previous and generations have done and are still doing to our Earth’s environment. Here goes the list..

1. Switch off the lights and fans when leaving the room/classroom.
2. Close tap while brushing teeth. [10 Easy and Practical Ways to Save Water]
3. Don’t waste paper.
4. Take shorter showers.
5. Do not waste food and finish your food. [15 Easy and Practical Ways to Reduce Food Waste]
6. Do not litter. Always throw rubbish in a bin. Check out: Pollution And Its Types – Short And Easy Info For Kids.

7. Plant a tree.
8. Take care of animals and birds around you. Do not hurt them.
9. Keep water and bird feed for birds on your terrace.
10. Make a bird house for the birds in your area.
11. Do not kill bees, wasps, butterflies or any other bugs. They are important for environment.
12. Reduce, reuse and recycle your old stuff. Get creative.
13. Use a refillable water bottle.
14. Tell your friends to do all above. Help them be environmental friendly.
15. Learn about the current environmental issues facing our world. Knowledge is power.

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