10 Easy and Practical Tips, Tricks and Ways to Save Water

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Water is life. Life on earth cannot survive without water, yet the most intelligent life on Earth doesn’t seem to care about the fact that our earth is running out of fresh water to drink. It is either being depleted from the underground or being polluted enough to render it unsuitable for consumption [Read Sources and Effects of Common Water Pollutants]. Water in all our lakes, rivers and underground water is unfortunately polluted to some extent, thanks to human activities. But all is not lost, as we still have a functional water cycle and there’s is till enough fresh water on earth, but the future seems bleak if we don’t do our best to save water.

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But the question is how can you save water? Well, below we have given some simple tips and tricks, which if you follow can help you save litres and litres of water every single day! Play your part in saving the environment by following these water saving tips.

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  1. Close your tab while brushing your teeth.
  2. Close your tap while applying facewash/soap on your face.
  3. Close your tap while applying shampoo on your hair or body wash soap on your body.
  4. Opt for a quick shower instead of taking a baths in a tub.
  5. Use a bucket/tub to take a bath, instead of a shower so you can keep tabs on how much water you are using and also to stop waste of water.
  6. Use sprinkler systems in your gardens or better still drip irrigation to water your plants.
  7. Harvest rainwater, it’s really easy to do it and you can use that water to water your garden or plants or wash your car etc. To know more read: 10 Easy Ways To Store And Use Rainwater In Your House.
  8. Speaking of washing your car, please wash your car once a week and that too using a bucket of water so that you use a limited amount of water.
  9. Do NOT flush broken mercury thermometers or expired medicines down your toilet. They pollute the water.
  10. Make sure you have a garden in your house so that rainwater can percolate down into the water table and get recharged.

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