Top 15 Countries with Worst Environmental Degradation

developing countries are mostly listed among less EPI score

Environmental Degradation

It is defined as the degradation of the Earth’s environment through anthropogenic activities. Natural catastrophic events are also responsible for environmental degradation but their contribution is far less than as compared to human activities.

The environment of the Earth is degraded by over-exploitation of natural reserves, habitat fragmentation, biodiversity loss, environmental issues such as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, marine pollution, etc.

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Environmental Performance Index

EPI determines the ecosystem vitality and environmental health of the nations and ranks are given accordingly.

In this article, the top 15 countries are mentioned with the worst environmental degradation. It should be taken into consideration that wealthy countries are responsible for inducing global climate changes. Poor and developing countries are most certainly getting affected by the outcomes of climate change. There is a link between poverty and environmental degradation.

  1. Liberia

The EPI score of Liberia is 22.6 which considered the lowest among 180 countries. The environment is degraded in Liberia due to unsustainable mining practices, overfishing, deforestation, illegal logging, shifting cultivation, and human settlement along coastlines.

  1. Myanmar

The EPI score of Myanmar is 25.1. The country relies on the agriculture sector and illegal logging, deforestation, and clearing lands for agriculture purposes are key issues leading to environmental degradation.

  1. Afghanistan

The EPI score of Afghanistan is 25.5. The country is a victim of political warfare. The key environmental issues are urbanization, uncontrolled deforestation, inadequate solid waste management, land pollution, etc.

  1. Sierra Leone

The EPI score of Sierra Leone is 25.7. The environment of this country is getting degraded by heaps of solid waste being generated annually. Other factors are overgrazing, poor agricultural practices, and soil erosion.

  1. Cote d’Ivoire

The EPI score of Cote d’Ivoire is 25.8. Most common issues that are degrading the environment of the country include oil spills Ivorian coats, urbanization, deforestation, etc.

  1. Guinea

The EPI score of Guinea is 26.4. The country is facing having environmental issues such as overfishing, soil contamination, human population growth, and mining activities leading to desertification.

  1. Madagascar

The EPI score of Madagascar is 26.5. This country is among the most affected countries by climate change. The key issues that are degrading the environment of the country include the introduction of invasive species, habitat fragmentation, and deforestation.

  1. Chad

The EPI score of Chad is 26.7. Poverty is responsible for environmental degradation in Chad. People rely on natural resources for meeting living standards.

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  1. Solomon Island

The EPI score of Solomon Island is 26.7. This Island is facing environmental degradation due to climate change. Habitat loss due to the introduction of invasive species is the most prevalent environmental issue.

  1. Burundi

The EPI score of Burundi is 27. The poor performance of the government in the country is triggering environmental degradation. Key issues include soil erosion, deforestation, and human population growth.

  1. Haiti

The EPI score of Haiti is 27. The country is ranking at number 3 among the most affected countries by climate change. The country is having waste management issues leading to land pollution and marine pollution.

  1. Ghana

The EPI score of Ghana is 27.6. The environment of Ghana is being degraded by marine and coastal pollution and coastal erosion. Other factors include overexploitation of natural reserves and extreme weather events.

  1. India

The EPI score of India is 27.6. The environmental issues that are prevalent in India include air pollution, water pollution, inadequate waste management, and portable water shortage.

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  1. Mauritania

The EPI score of Mauritania is 27.7. The environment of Mauritania is subjected to degradation due to deforestation. The land clearance for agriculture and mining activities is leading to desertification and soil erosion.

  1. The Gambia

The EPI score of Gambia is 27.9. The key issues that are responsible for environmental degradation in the Gambia include water pollution, desertification, and deforestation.


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