Non-Recyclable Multi-Layer Plastic MLP Uses and Alternatives

INTRODUCTION: Multi layered plastics are the plastics that contains at the minimum one layer of plastic as main ingredient along with the one or more layers of other materials like paper, aluminium, copper etc. It has several thin sheets or layers that laminated together and are difficult to separate. For detailed information on plastic pollution, […]

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10 New Innovative Water Purification Ideas and Techniques

Drinking water is crucial for survival for life on Earth so it is obvious that there should be plenty of drinking water and that too clean drinking water if humanity wants to survive on this planet. But unfortunately humans have destroyed fresh water resources due to their selfishness and greedy activities, which has caused degradation […]

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Now Water Pollution Can Be Cleaned Up Using Sunlight

water pollution by chemical toxins

INTRODUCTION Water pollution is a serious environmental issue because water scarcity might become a universal matter of discord. Contaminants, toxins, and impurities that are either man-made or natural eventually find their place in water. The reason could be given that water covers 97% of the globe. 3% of water comes under freshwater including glaciers, ice […]

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Eating Fish From Chenab River Pakistan Can Be Deadly For You

trace metals are found in Chenab River

INTRODUCTION People that live nearby the water body usually depend on fish species for livelihood and food sources. But nowadays, urban and fertilizers runoff, industrial effluents, etc are being discharged into water bodies. These activities are polluting the water, degrading drinking water quality as well as causing problems for species inhabiting the freshwater body. WHAT […]

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Fashion Industry and Its Negative Impacts on the Environment

fashion industry is causing global warming, air pollution water pollution

INTRODUCTION The fashion industry is a huge business all around the world because of clothing. The demand for new, fancy, and stylish clothing is never-ending. At the international level, many people are working and making earning through this field. FASHION INDUSTRY This term is an amalgam of many things that represent accessories and clothing. It […]

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Thermal Pollution – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

thermal pollution is caused by coolant released from power plant

INTRODUCTION Thermal Pollution: It is also known as thermal enrichment. The term is defined as water quality degradation due to the changes in ambient water temperature caused by any process happening naturally or by human activities. You might also like: Urban Heat Islands – Causes, Effects, and Solutions SOURCES OF THERMAL POLLUTION The main sources […]

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Water Scarcity Crisis in Pakistan: Causes, Effects, Solutions

water scant country Pakistan will suffer GDP losses

INTRODUCTION Water Scarcity: Water scarcity in simple terms is defined as insufficient or depleted freshwater resources that can no longer serve the standard water demand of a particular area. Water Scarcity Crisis: Humans on Earth are experiencing water scarcity crisis. How this crisis emerged is solely related to human activities. Naturally, some areas are water […]

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