What is Transboundary Pollution?- Causes, Effects, Solutions

air pollution

What is meant by Transboundary Pollution? Transboundary pollution in simple terms can be defined as the kind of pollution that transcends the boundaries of nations and countries set geographically or politically. This basically means that any pollution rising or being emitted from industries in one country can cross over into the air space of another […]

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What is Diffuse Pollution? – Causes and Impacts

What is meant by ‘Diffuse Pollution’? It is also known as ‘Non-point source pollution‘. Diffuse pollution is just basically the smaller and scattered sources that can cause water pollution. It stems from air and land pollution sources and significantly effects water bodies globally. Diffuse pollution is actually indirect water pollution. Instead of having one source […]

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Microplastic and Nanoplastic Pollution – Sources, Effects, Control

Introduction: What is Microplastic Pollution? Microplastic pollution is essentially plastic pollution but it is named differently because it is pollution caused by plastic fragments that are smaller than 0.2 inches or 5mm that break away from larger pieces of plastic. In many cases, they may even leach out from plastics disposed off in landfills and […]

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Crucial Role of Oil in Ecosystem Balance: Exploring Oil Pollution and the Oil Industry’s Impact


Introduction Oil, an integral component of the Earth’s geology, plays a vital role in maintaining ecological balance. However, the exploitation of oil resources, alongside its associated pollution and the practices of the oil industry, has ignited concerns about the toll on our environment. This article delves into the essentiality of oil within the ecosystem, scrutinizes […]

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Poisonous Pesticides: Harmful Impacts on Humans and Nature

Introduction: What are Pesticides? How many Types of Pesticides are there? Pesticides are the chemicals manufactured and used for the purpose of killing pests- any animal, plant or organism that harms the crops and human health and are unwanted. Pesticides are of 4 types: Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides and Rodenticides. There are some others as well […]

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