Introduction of Invasive Species – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

insects are common invasive species.

INTRODUCTION Invasive species: Invasive species are also known as non-native species, exotic species, or most importantly alien species. It is defined as an introduced species. Introduction of Invasive species: The exotic species are introduced in a particular location that has adverse impacts on the new environment. The exotic species have some advantages but their effects […]

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Antibiotics Found In Wastewater in Twin Cities

antibiotic resistant bacteria

Recent Research Publication has reported about the presence of antibiotics in wastewater in the Twin Cities of Pakistan. Five different antibiotics were detected, determined, and analyzed from wastewater samples collected from various sources. The methodology of the study included the High-Performance Liquid Chromatography technique for result evaluation. The contaminated wastewater with various concentrations of antibiotics […]

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Rawalpindi: Chlorine Resistant Bacteria in Water Filter Plants

water from filtration plants were contaminated with E. coli.

Recent research has reported the presence of chlorine-resistant bacteria in water filter plants based in Rawalpindi. The methodology of the study includes the collection and microbiological analysis of 107 water samples for evaluating the anticipated results. Waterborne diseases are proven fatal and directly transmitted to humans through drinking water consumption. It is recommended that drinking […]

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Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Fish from Karachi Coast

fish species can be used as bio-monitoring of polluted area

  Recent research has reported bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Fish from Karachi Coast and Rivers. Heavy Metals are being utilized in the manufacturing process of various products used at the household and commercial levels. The sources of heavy metals bioaccumulation in fish include domestic waste, industrial effluents, agriculture runoff, etc. Certain fish species along […]

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Sources and Effects of Common Water Pollutants

land pollution affects soil biota

INTRODUCTION Water Pollutant: Any contaminant that degrades the quality of drinking water is a water pollutant. TYPES OF WATER POLLUTANTS: There are different types of water pollution depending upon the particular source. There are various categories of water pollutants that are listed below. 1.Thermal Pollution – This is due to the release of the coolant- […]

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Water pollution– Sources, Effects, and Control

Water pollution

Introduction Water Pollution: The contamination/ impurity of water sources is called water pollution.  Water sources are aquifers, oceans, underground water reserves, rivers, lakes, streams, etc. The contamination or impurity includes toxins, synthetic chemicals from plastic waste, solids, liquid discharge, etc. Water pollution is the result of contaminants that are released into the natural ecosystem from […]

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Can Rivers & Lakes be Saved from Environmental Degradation?

fish species are going extinct due to degradation of rivers and lakes

Environmental issues are degrading the freshwater ecosystem and fish species have become extinct Protected areas don’t protect rivers. Rivers should be protected first than land areas. The freshwater ecosystem provides habitat to 10% of all fish species including vertebrates. Millions of people have their livelihood associated with freshwater fish species that are vulnerable to extinction […]

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15 Environmental Problems Our World is Facing Right now

air pollution, water pollution global warming urbanization

Introduction Environmental Issues: Environmental issue or problem is defined as adverse impacts of anthropogenic activities on the physical and biological aspects of the environment. Natural Environment: Natural environment is our surroundings that consist of naturally occurring all living and nonliving things. Impacts of Anthropogenic Activities on the Ecosystem: Human activities are negatively affecting the environment […]

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