Fuel Cell Generators to be Tested by Pakistan-Namibia

electricity crisis leading to development of fuel cell generators
  • Developing countries such as Namibia and Pakistan are testing the two prototype hydrogen fuel cell generators.
  • A grant of €150,000 has been allotted for the development of the fuel cell generator that will be completed before 2023.
  • The energy crisis is a common issue in developing countries due to the increasing demand for electricity.
  • The technology being used in this process will provide electricity to areas that lack basic lights and depend on candles.

The news source has reported that hydrogen fuel cell technology is being used in the manufacturing of generators to support underdeveloped nations like Pakistan and Namibia.

On March 16, 2021, Estonian cleantech start-up PowerUP Energy Technologies has verified that the company has collected a grant of €150,000 for the development of the fuel cell generators that will be completed in 2022. Before the end of 2023, the company is aiming to provide developed generators for the assessment and validation to respective countries. In Pakistan, the validity of generators will be tested by the National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation while in Namibia Mushi BioPower will perform the given task.

The founder and CEO of PowerUP Energy Technologies, Dr. Ivar Kruusenberg briefed about the energy crisis in developing nations. According to him the electric grid in developing countries are unstable and less developed. The harsh weather conditions are prevalent in different areas while Europe does not face such weather situations.

The demand for electricity increases during harsh climatic conditions. The operational efficiency of electricity and communication networks depends on the availability of energy supply. The current energy solutions are failing to fulfill the need for continuous electricity supply. Due to the energy crisis We All Should Move to Clean Renewable Energy.

The developing nations tend to rely on diesel generators during harsh weather conditions. Diesel-based generators are affordable in most developing nations. However, fossil fuel-based technology is responsible for global carbon emissions. One-third of carbon emission in the world is being released by the top 10 companies. 

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is a clean energy solution. Pollution-causing energy sources should be replaced with clean and green energy sources. The company is launching safer and cleaner energy solutions in developing nations. The company is collaborating with testing participants from Pakistan and Namibia.

The CEO of Mushi BioPower, Pontianus Mukishi gave his statement that the company Mushi Power has decided to predicate in the project.  It is being said that through this project rural communities will have access to clean light.

Furthermore, the technology being used in this process will provide electricity to areas that lack basic lights and depend on candles. The hydrogen fuel cell generators project involving clean technology if goes well will be launched on a larger scale.

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