We Can’t Afford To Ignore or Deny Climate Change Anymore

climate change is true believing it is the only solution


The world is going through two major global crises. First is Climate change because it is warned by scientists and experts for many years and the second is COVID-19. Now both are showing casualties.

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Published research has reported the global crisis such as COVID-19 and Climate change and the irreversible damage due to these crises. The havoc associated with climate change and COVID-19 are devastating.

Another published research has indicated that the uproaring challenge of climate change being faced by the world must be treated as a climate emergency. Climate change is extremely dynamic in nature and responsible for huge destruction in the world. No doubt human activities such as fossil fuel combustion, are held accountable for inducing climate change.

In recently published research the geographers have announced climate emergency due to Australian bushfires. Extreme weather events are becoming increasingly violent over the past decades.

The year 2021 is a prime example of extreme weather events happening with full rage on the Earth. Published research reported that globally more than 11000 scientists from 153 countries have raised voice for climate emergency.

Now we can’t afford to ignore or deny climate change anymore. IF WE DO, then the Earth will no longer support livable conditions. More areas will turn barren. You could possibly imagine that wildfires burning many parts of the Earth, Oceans throwing up waste to the land, people dying of hunger, many more severe complications would be prevailing in the World.

The above-mentioned scenario is projected. Let’s talk about ongoing extreme weather events. Examples of extreme weather events due to climate change include heat waves, floods, heavy rainfall, wildfires, etc.

Our world is burning. Many areas on the Earth are facing scorching heatwaves and wildfires including Turkey, Greece, Algeria, Amazon Rainforest, US California, etc. Read more: 2019-2021 The Years of Wildfires – Causes and Effects

Europe flood 2021 is another example that is a result of unprecedented heatwaves. The monsoon season in South Asia has changed due to climate change. It is more severe with heavy rainfall and floods.

The impacts of climate change are more aggressive than before. It shows we have not taken it seriously. There are countries in the world that are major polluters and denying climate change.

The climate crisis has accelerated with the COVID-19 crisis. Although there is a positive change that can be observed in form of using renewable energy sources. However, it is not enough to slow down the consequences of climate change. Scientists have clearly called for climate emergencies and stated that if we didn’t take essential steps we might suffer irreparable losses.


What actions we can opt for on an urgent basis? Carbon tax, decarbonization, banning fossil fuels and afforestation along with increasing protected areas management.

Taxing carbon emissions should soon be implemented without any more delay. Fossil fuel should be banned because there are alternative energy sources present in the world. More sustainable options should be made available to the public. The countries should increase forest cover and more focus should be on protected areas management such as wetlands. Because forests and wetlands are carbon sinks. For more information: What is Carbon Sequestration? – Techniques and Importance.

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Many researchers are pointing one thing and that is climate emergency. We are in no time to ignore important strategies that would help against climate change. Most developed countries are the top contributors to increasing global carbon footprint. Developing and underdeveloped countries are facing the consequences of climate change.

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