What the Earth’s Environment Might Look Like After 50 Years

INTRODUCTION The Earth is witnessing a tough period where heatwaves and wildfires are occurring frequently. Floods are killing people and cattle and are also damaging the lands and properties. The extreme weather events are turning violent in intensity. The recurrent natural hazards are turning more catastrophic. WHAT DO THE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTISTS THINK THE EARTH WILL […]

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Ways To Reduce Global Warming and Stop Earth from Heating Up

Do we have time to save Earth

INTRODUCTION Our Earth is heating up due to increasing anthropogenic activities. Recent extreme weather events such as wildfires, heat waves, hurricanes, and many more natural disasters are indicating that the Earth is running out of time. Read: We Are Witnessing Climate Change Kill Our World NATURAL MECHANISM OF EARTH’S HEATING UP The radiations that are […]

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12 Most Beautiful Places with Unique Ecosystems in World


INTRODUCTION Ecosystems distinctly describe the habitat conditions, climate, geography, and many other aspects of a particular area. There is a diverse variety of animal and plant species present around the world. Some countries have unique ecosystems that host particularly endemic diversity of organisms. Also, wildlife inhabits the unique ecosystem of the Earth. The place that […]

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12 Incredibly Beautiful Natural Places In World In Pictures

beautiful places in the world

INTRODUCTION Our Earth is beautiful with different ecosystems such as marine, freshwater, deserts, etc. There are numerous places with scenic beauty that leave everyone in wonder. Countries that have these places attract tourists from all around the world. There are mountains, rivers, lakes, and many strange but amazing places on the Earth. We have selected […]

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We Can’t Afford To Ignore or Deny Climate Change Anymore

climate change is true believing it is the only solution

INTRODUCTION The world is going through two major global crises. First is Climate change because it is warned by scientists and experts for many years and the second is COVID-19. Now both are showing casualties. Check out: 10 Initiatives Governments Need To Take To Control Climate Change and Environmental Degradation WHY WE CAN’S AFFORD TO IGNORE […]

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10 Environmental Pollution Quotes Wallpaper Pictures


Environmental degradation due to Air pollution, Water pollution, Land pollution and even Noise pollution is a huge issue and we can’t spread enough awareness about it. Many people still don’t realise the severity of harmful affects of inhaling polluted air or drinking polluted water. It is a fact that air pollutants and water pollutants are […]

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