We Are Witnessing Climate Change Kill Our World

Climate change is killing all forms of life on the Earth


Climate change is a long-term and persistent change in weather patterns. How is responsible for climate change? Well, the answer is the corporate world that runs the business on the Earth, earns huge profits by causing extreme damage to the environment, and nowadays trying to reach other planets right after the Earth is surrounded by extreme weather events and frequent natural disasters.

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Climate change is happening right now, it’s not the future, it is NOW. Let’s have a look at proofs.


A number of extreme weather events are taking place around the world. Seems like the whole world is going to pay the price of climate changes solely induced by world power leaders.

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Extreme weather events include heat waves, wildfires, floods, drought, hurricanes, etc. In past, these events used to occur once over periods of time. Now, these extreme weather events have become more frequent.

Currently, these extreme weather events are happening in the world that was never faced by humans living on the Earth before.


Heat waves are hitting many parts of the world including many countries of Europe. The cause of heat waves is global warming. Now how heat waves have caused extensive damage in Europe and other countries are explained below.

Heat waves in southern Europe have caused wildfires. Read Global Heat Wave and Wildfires – Causes, Effects, Solutions


Turkey is burning nowadays. The wildlife is causing massive damage in many areas of the country. People are losing their livelihoods due to the loss of livestock. Wildfire is being spread real quickly due to strong winds.

Other parts of the world that are experiencing the same event include Australia, Amazon rainforest, US California, Italy, etc. Read further here 2019-2021 The Years of Wildfires – Causes and Effects


This year heat waves in England have resulted in heavy rainfalls. Heavy precipitation eventually took the form of flash floods due to which many European countries are facing floods. Read more details Europe Floods 2021 Due to Climate Change – Causes and Effects


Less rainfall due to climate change causes droughts. When dry weather persists for a longer period of time, and the arid regions experience recurrent heat waves, it is obvious that drought conditions will prevail in the area. The Western United States is experiencing Megadrought.

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Countries that are connected to oceans are facing frequent hurricanes. The intensity of hurricanes is horrifically destructive. Tropical storms are happening for consecutive years now. This year, 2021 Atlantic hurricane season is ongoing near the Atlantic Ocean featuring the northern hemisphere.


Climate change has induced extreme dry weather conditions in many regions. Although the dry and hot weather conditions are prolonged now. The monsoon season in Southeast Asia is responsible for heavy rainfalls in the region. You may like to read Effects of Climate Change on Monsoon Season of Pakistan


The interesting fact about climate change and extreme weather events is that if one weather event takes place it invites another more intense weather event. And the correlation between climate change and extreme weather events can be described as a chain of extreme weather events driven by climate change. Check out Increasing Natural Disasters due to Climate Change


For many years scientists, environmentalists, and experts are raising voices against possible impacts of climate change. But the world power leaders seem unresponsive towards consequences. There are international conferences being held each year to develop strategies that would help against climate change. Witnessing these extreme events indicates that those conferences weren’t productive at all. Because many people are dying, many species of wildlife is at risk of extinction and plants are becoming the victim of damage and destruction.

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