The Need Of Nature Photographers In Pakistan To Document Local Species

Pakistan need photographs for local species of plants and animals


Pakistan is a South Asian country and it is recognized as a developing country. Despite being a developing country, it is blessed with numerous natural resources. A wide variety of animal and plant species are present in the region. Check out 25 Species of Insects That Are Found In Pakistan and 17 Beautiful Butterfly Species That Are Found in Pakistan.

There are different ecosystem zones and climatic biomes in the country that provides a home to thousands of different species.

The most developed province in Pakistan is Punjab and the least developed province is Balochistan. According to the estimated percentage, 44% of the land area is covered by Balochistan that makes it the largest province in Pakistan by area. There are mountains and deserts in Baluchistan that host a diverse variety of animal species. Since the area is not developed fully, access to species present there is not possible. Only limited data is available on insects, reptiles, and amphibians that inhabit the region.

Pakistan has endangered species and endemic species. Flora of Pakistan has a count of more than 6000 species.

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There are nearly 700 species of birds in Pakistan. Check out Endemic or Native Bird Species of Pakistan

Also, the country has been reported to have 150 species of mammals, and approximately 219 species of reptiles and amphibians.

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The reason why we are highlighting this issue is that other countries have proper databases of species that are present there. We don’t have sufficient data about a particular species presence. The problem becomes nationwide when the general public doesn’t have access to those that are locally present.

In such a case wildlife photographers are exceptionally important for Pakistan. There are many indigenous species in the country located in various parts of the ecosystem zones. Most don’t have photos. Especially, a number of amphibians, insects, and reptiles are present in Pakistan but we don’t know because photos are not available. There is the possibility that the name of the species may have been reported during researches or surveys but due to lack of photos, the data of a species remain irrelevant.

The essence of wildlife photography can be elaborated with such a question that how would people know how a certain animal looks like.

We are trying to emphasize the importance of wildlife photographs that could make public-level research easier. We need proper trailed photographers. Perhaps many people would find it interesting and participate in the data gathering process related to endemic species.

Wildlife photography has its significance for research. Numbers of students are enrolled in the field of sciences such as zoology, botany, agriculture, environmental science, etc. During educational courses, students face difficulties while conducting research on unique species. This is basically due to the lack of a catalog that represents the current species of plants and animals present in the country.

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In a digital world, where most of the works are being performed online and due to COVID-19 the students are getting an online education, this scenario amplifies the need for digital images of wildlife. The importance of wildlife photography is not limited to educational purposes and researches, it is also important for biodiversity conservation. The already available websites include old data that must be revised and kept up to date.

We have posted many articles, if you check some photos are missing there due to a lack of data resources.


We would like to present our suggestion to the Government of Pakistan that the country should hire native Wildlife Photographers in Pakistan that are at least aware of the native species found in their area. Wildlife photography in Pakistan might also attract tourists and nature photographers from all over the world.

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