10 Initiatives Governments Need To Take To Control Climate Change and Environmental Degradation

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Recently climate change is in action and it is showing its worst side in different forms across the countries. There are a number of solutions being presented everywhere around the globe but fewer actions have been actually taken to implement such strategies. The initiatives described below should be taken in no time because we don’t have enough time to save our planet now. Read: All You Need To Know About Carbon Footprint And Its Importance


Below, 10 initiatives governments all around the world should take to control climate change and environmental degradation are listed.


The release of greenhouse gases in the air is not suppressed yet. Small emissions are triggering the worst situation. The carbon tax is a tax that is imposed on carbon emitters for each ton of greenhouse gases emissions. In this way, the hidden costs of carbon emissions for the generation of products and services would become apparent. Also check out: How is Pakistan benefiting from Carbon Credits?


Countries are still running on non-renewable energy sources. Non-renewable energy sources are sources of greenhouse gases emissions such as fossil fuel combustion. The major working sectors in the countries should soon be shifted to solar power or other renewable energy sources. For more info, read: What Are Renewable Energy Sources? – Types of Green Energy

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Another important initiative includes decarburization. Reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emissions in the atmosphere is inevitable. Global Carbon footprint should be decreased so that the expected rise in temperature up to 2°C could be prevented.


The cutting of wood and preparing paper is negatively impacting the environment. Deforestation means releasing stored carbon back into the air leading to an increase in carbon footprint. The government should adopt dematerialization strategies to decrease the release of greenhouse gases.


Electric transportation doesn’t need fossil fuels for working operations. Any late decision in adopting eco-friendly solutions will accelerate the worst scenario of climate change. Fossil fuel combustion in transportation is releasing not only greenhouse gases but air pollutants as well that cause smog and degrade the environment. For further info, read: Electric Cars- Eco Friendly or Not? and Are Electric Cars and Vehicles Feasible In Pakistan Currently?


The government of Pakistan has started billion tree tsunami initiatives to tackle the impacts of climate change. This initiative has received the world’s attention appreciation. Other countries should also start afforestation projects because forests absorb carbon from the environment. Along with that trees prevent floods.


Plastic production should be banned as soon as possible. There are few countries that have put a ban on plastic production. A similar agreement like Kyoto Protocol should be made for plastic production. The production of plastic is toxic in nature. It doesn’t degrade and persists in the environment. Eventually, plastics end up accumulating in the ocean that disturbs the marine ecosystem to dangerous levels.


From the extraction of raw material to the production of a new product, a huge amount of energy is used that release greenhouse gases into the air. There is a separate cost of natural reserves for a new product generation.  And if the product is non-degradable that means it will likely have negative consequences on the environment.

Huge quantities of waste are being generated all around the world. The waste is often washed up in water bodies that in return contaminate water resources. The Governments should adopt strategies that would reduce the waste generation in volumes and produce power by applying waste to energy techniques. Recycling or adopting 3Rs strategies the economic and environmental burden could be lessened.

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Degraded sites include mining sites, landfill sites, etc. In order to prevent environmental degradation, rehabilitation of degraded lands is necessary. It could prevent disease breakout that could get severe due to climate change. Rehabilitation of lands will have positive impacts on the environment and species of the area. Degraded lands cannot absorb carbon due to loss of soil fertility; however, trees can act as a carbon sink.


Natural resources are subjected to depletion due to agriculture practices. Climate change is showing negative consequences on crop production that might lead to food insecurity. The water resources are depleting. It is necessary to implement sustainable agriculture practices. For instance, growing crops that are heat resistant and can survive droughts due to extreme weather events.


Every country should at least follow climate change initiatives for tackling the impacts of climate change. If we look around the world we would only have a thought that the damage to the environment is irreparable. The wildfires in Turkey, Italy, Greece, US California, Australia, Amazon rainforest, etc, are burning forests, wildlife, infrastructure, etc. Many countries are experiencing extreme weather events. What do you think can we still survive with international talks only?

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  1. Good piece of information and would like to join the fight for a better environment by participating in any environmental issues affecting our countries and the world at large. Also would like to learn more how to get involved with Water security and saving innovations.

    1. Thank you. Well, you can do that by getting in touch with people/organizations working for the environment of Pakistan and volunteer with them.

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