10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project appreciated by UNEP Executive Director

billion tree tsunami project
  • The current Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme appreciated Pakistan’s 10 billion tree tsunami project.
  • British government entitled this project of Pakistan as one of the most successful green initiatives.
  • Pakistan is actively playing its role in dealing with severe climate change and receiving recognition from other parts of the world.

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Climate change is happening and effective actions are needed to be taken in order to mitigate adverse climatic impacts. The whole world is going to face severe climatic conditions in the upcoming years due to anthropogenic activities. The emission of greenhouse gases is causing global warming and Pakistan is the most vulnerable nation to climate change. However, Pakistan is included in one of those countries that contributes less than 1% to global warming.

The provincial government of Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, started the Billion tree tsunami project in 2014. In 2017, this project was finished beforehand. The plan was based on restoring degenerated lands.

The same project was started again in 2018 by Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He made this programme a national 10 billion tree tsunami project. The other name for this project is Plant for Pakistan that will be continued till 2023 completing a five years plantation plan. The aim of this project is to tackle the effects of climate changes, likely to happen in Pakistan.

This green initiative by Pakistan is getting acknowledgment from every other country. The process of admiration is still ongoing. Recently in the first week of February, Inger Andersen, the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme gave her statement about the 10 billion tree tsunami project.

The Executive Director started by emphasizing the importance of investment in nature, how it really is important to invest in nature’s infrastructure by efficient solutions. She highlighted and admired the praiseworthy efforts of Pakistan in all three conventions such as the biodiversity convention, climate change convention, and desertification convention.

“Pakistan is doing a great job and The Billion tree tsunami is an example to us all.”, Inger Andersen. She conveyed the message that the world should learn from Pakistan on this matter.

In January, Zac Goldsmith, Minister of State for Pacific and the Environment and the Member of House of Lords of the United Kingdom expressed his thoughts about the success of billion tree tsunami projects and jobs created due to this programme.

Millions of lives in Pakistan are being suffered from climate change. People are losing their livelihoods. Taking these factors into consideration, this move by the Government of Pakistan is highly appreciated among its own people. Moreover, this project will also help in the increased production of honey all around the country.

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