Is Pakistan’s 10 Billion Tree Tsunami too costly and unsustainable?

planting trees can never be costly

INTRODUCTION Pakistan is confronting the brunt of climate change triggered by world superpowers. It is included in top affected countries by climate change, despite the fact that it only contributes to less than 1 percent of global carbon emissions. The Government of Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan has initiated a large-scale […]

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Pakistan 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Impact – Before and After Pictures

billion tree afforestation project

INTRODUCTION 10 billion tree tsunami project has received worldwide appreciation. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is actively launching environmentally friendly projects that would help in mitigating the impacts of climate change. Check out 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project appreciated by UNEP Executive Director 10 BILLION TREE TSUNAMI PROJECT After winning the general elections of 2018, […]

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50 New Forests in Lahore after Miyawaki Urban Forest

clean green pakistan including miyawaki urban forest project

Usman Buzdar Chief Minister of Punjab announced 50 new forests in Lahore Pakistan Miyawaki Urban Forest was initiated by the Government of Pakistan in January. Miyawaki Forest – a Japanese technique based method- releases more oxygen and grows faster. The Government of Pakistan is planning to implement this pilot project across Punjab.   Usman Buzdar, […]

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First-Ever Forest Monitoring System launched by Pakistan

satellite forest monitoring system

Pakistan did a great effort by launching the first-ever satellite-based forest monitoring system. Forest Monitoring System will be used to monitor tree loss, land deterioration, and habitat fragmentation The Forest monitoring system is a part of the 10 billion tree tsunami project that will assist in tackling climatic conditions. Unlike other countries, Pakistan is facing […]

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10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project appreciated by UNEP Executive Director

billion tree tsunami project

The current Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme appreciated Pakistan’s 10 billion tree tsunami project. British government entitled this project of Pakistan as one of the most successful green initiatives. Pakistan is actively playing its role in dealing with severe climate change and receiving recognition from other parts of the world. You might […]

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