12 Indigenous Plant Species of Pakistan

Indigenous plants include those plant species that are originally present in areas. Basically, native plants are indigenous plants that grow in the natural environment. There is a wide range of plant species that are indigenous to various parts of the world. Pakistan has also vast diversity of indigenous plant species. The flora of Pakistan includes more than 5700 species of plants. The majority of plant species are naturally present in northern Pakistan. Many people in Pakistan use plant species for their livelihoods.

Anthropogenic activities are causing increased environmental pollution and the government of Pakistan is doing continuous efforts by introducing Miyawaki urban forest technique to increase the growth of plants in various parts of the country.

Below, 12 indigenous plant species of Pakistan are mentioned with a local name, scientific name, photo, their uses, and location. The Official National Tree of Pakistan Devdar (Himalayan Cedar, Cedrus Deodara) is also listed below.

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Common English Name: Wild Olive

Scientific names: Olea cuspidata

Local Names: Kahu, Zaitoon

Uses: Leaves for fodder, Oil

Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochitsan, Punjab, Sindh, Azad Kashmir


Common English Name: Mango

Scientific names: Mangifera Indica

Local Names: aam

Uses: Edible fruit

Location: Punjab and Sindh


Common English Name: Milk Weed

Scientific names: Calotropis procera

Local Names: Dasi auk

Uses: Roots and Barks for medicinal purpose

Location: Southern Punjab

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Common English Name: Hopbush

Scientific names: Dodonaea viscosa

Local Names: Ghwarasky, Sanatha

Uses: Stems and Leaves for medicine

Location: Punjab



Common English Name: Oleander

Scientific names: Nerium oleander

Local Names: Kaner

Uses: Ornamental and medicinal purpose

Location: Punjab


Common English Name: Golden Shower, Golden Rain Tree

Scientific names: Cassia Fistula

Local Names: Amaltas, Omeed ka phool

Uses: Roots for medicine

Location: Punjab



Common English Name: Devil’s horsewhip, Prickly Chaff Flower

Scientific names: Achyranthes aspera

Local Names: Apang, Puth Kanda,

Uses: Flowers for medicine

Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa



Common English Name: Acacia

Scientific names: Senegalia modesta

Local Names: Phulai

Uses: fodder and firewood

Location: Baluchistan



Common English Name: Black catechu

Scientific names: Acacia Catechu

Local Names: Khair, Katha

Uses: Leaves for fodder, medicinal purposes, and firewood

Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Common English Name: Silver Fir

Scientific names: Abies pindrow

Local Names: Partal, Paludar

Uses: wood for fuel, leaves for fodder

Location: Northern Pakistan


Common English Name: Camel’s foot

Scientific names: Bauhinia variegata

Local Names: Kachnar

Uses: Flower buds for food

Location: Northern Punjab

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Common English Name: Himalayan Cedar

Scientific names: Cedrus Deodara

Local Names: Devdar

Uses: Ayurvedic medicine

Location: Northern Pakistan

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These plants are native to Pakistan. A wide range of flora is present in the Himalayan range. The trees, shrubs, weeds, and herbs have medicinal use as well some plant species are used for decorative purposes at home. There are plant species introduced in Pakistan that are native to other countries, few species can be planted in different regions of the country, however above mentioned plant species are originally found in different areas of Pakistan.

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  2. in saraiky we call that KAREENH, its flowers are used for cooking and its fruit are eaten raw tastes like “Japani Phall”, i need to know the botanical name of that plant and what it is called in english and in balochi too.

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