15 Easy and Practical Ways to Reduce Food Waste

According to UNEP around 33% of the food produced annually is wasted or lost, which makes up around a mind-boggling 1.3 BILLION tons of food! That is more than enough to solve the issue of world hunger but unfortunately that amount of food is lost or wasted. It’s too bizarre a concept that a world where people die of starvation, this humongous amount of food is wasted every single year. You and I can play our part to reduce this wastage of food and help those around us who are in need. Also check out this list of Top 15 Countries with Highest Percentage of Food Waste!

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Below are some tips to help you reduce food wastage. Check them out and practice them to become a responsible citizen of this world.

  1. Learn how to store different types of food items properly so that they don’t get wasted due to spoilage.
  2. Buy limited amount of food, especially perishable items, per week so that you don’t have to throw them away due to spoilage. Also read: Climate Change Is Increasing Food Shortage Around The World
  3. Buy only those fruits and vegetables which you are sure you will be using during the week. No need to fill your refrigerators with items you know you won’t be using. Be practical when buying fruits and vegetables.
  4. Cook the amount of food that you can finish in a day or two, so you don’t have to throw it away after a few days just because you couldn’t finish it on time.
  5. Always give away the food items that you don’t plan on cooking anytime soon or those cans or jars close to expiry to the needy, so they can be used before they become unfit for consumption.
  6. If you have cooked extra amount of food accidently, pack it up and give it to the homeless.
  7. Plan your grocery ahead, make a list and only buy the things on your list.
  8. Use that freezer of your and freeze, freeze, freeze any food item that is close to spoilage so that you can use them later on.
  9. When you see a lot of things in your refrigerator are close to spoilage, make pasta with them. Most of the vegetables taste really good in pasta, so try new recipes. You might also like to read: 10 Favourite Food Items At Risk of Extinction In Near Future
  10. And lastly, compost. Even after doing everything in your power, if you still have a tiny amount of food waste every day, then the best thing to do with it is to make compost which can be used for growing food again.

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