10 Favourite Food Items At Risk of Extinction In Near Future

production of fruits is declining due to climate change

In this article we are discussing very important things, spare some time reading this. We all are aware of the fact that we as humans have ruined the climate of the Earth. Well, out of all planets, the Earth is a livable place even other planets are getting under the human approach still that doesn’t mean we should not be concerned about taking care of our only beautiful planet.

Ever since the industrial revolution, the environment of the Earth is constantly subjected to degradation. The release of greenhouse gases into the air from fossil fuel combustion has led to air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, and catastrophic extreme weather events. Acid rain is also an outcome of air pollution.

The environmental problem has taken a dangerous turn because extreme weather events, climate change, and global warming are equally showing adverse impacts on biodiversity. The wildlife is suffering from environmental pollution. Some species have gone completely extinct while others are near to extinction. The two most important pollinators – bees and butterflies – are declining in numbers due to the ongoing climate crisis that means soon we will be craving our favorite food.

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The food items that are at risk of extinction in near future are listed below briefly explaining health benefits and some interesting information.

1. Banana

banana are decreasing due to panama disease

Bananas are a good source of nutrients that improve heart health, digestive system and assist in weight loss. Humans are suffering from the COVID-19 Pandemic and Bananas are facing Panama disease. This fungal disease is endangering plants of banana that bear fruits.

2. Peanuts

peanut plant is getting damaged by plant diseases.

Do you like peanut butter? Yeah, peanuts will soon go extinct because peanuts require moderate environmental conditions. Climate change is affecting crop productivity.

3. Fish

biomagnification will make fish nonedible food item

Fish might be rendered inedible due to water pollution i.e. biomagnification and also fish is going extinct due to overexploitation [For more info read: World Fisheries And Impacts Of Fishery Over-Exploitation]. Fish meat is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Some fishes that are going to extinct soon are the European eel, Bocaccio Rockfish, etc.

4. Chocolate

pests are attacking cocoa tree

Chocolate makes you happy. The cocoa plant is getting influenced by extreme weather events such as global warming and pests diseases.

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5. Vanilla

vanilla is decreasing due to extreme weather events

Smelling vanilla gives you soothing effects. Vanilla ice cream and vanilla cake are common food that we love to eat. Vanilla will soon go extinct because the pollinator –bees- of vanilla beans is declining in numbers. Extreme weather events are also affecting the crop productivity of vanilla.

6. Coffee

it gives you physical strength

Coffee is one of our favorite beverages. Is it so? Right?  Coffee has some health benefits including it helps you in weight loss. The reasons for extinction include droughts, desertification, deforestation, and plant disease.

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7. Rice

water crisis is affecting rice cultivation

Rice is considered an important part of food because it gives you minerals and vitamins; however, the rice paddies are facing problems due to environmental pollution, urban sprawl, water scarcity, inadequate farming practices, and climate change.

8. Peaches

peaches are enriched with nutrients

Peaches may help to prevent chronic diseases. The deciduous tree of peach may soon go extinct due to deforestation and hot climate conditions.

9. Cherries

cherries will soon go extinct due to weather conditions

Cherries are enriched with anti-inflammatory compounds and improve heart health. Human-induced climate change is altering soil conditions and negatively affecting the cultivation of cherries.

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10. Chickpeas

the demand of chickpeas are increasing while production is decreasing

Chickpeas are widely used as protein and fiber sources. The problem is the production of chickpeas is decreasing due to water shortage, pests diseases, and frequent droughts.

11. Saffron

saffron is a kind of spice

Saffron is an expensive spice and has extensive health benefits. It helps to fight against cancer. The reasons for extinction include less precipitation, inadequate irrigation system, and extreme weather conditions.

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