Hydroponics – The Future of Agriculture?

aeroponic, DWC. run to waste

Introduction Hydroponics: It is a technique of growing crops or plants without soil by utilizing an aqueous solution and substrate. Hydroponic Culture:  In hydroponic culture, the plants, vegetables, and flowers are planted in the substratum and provided with oxygen and nutrient-rich aqueous solution. The key benefit of following hydroponic culture is it produces good quality […]

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Water Crisis in Pakistan- Current and Future

Water supply shortage in Pakistan and the consequences

Introduction Currently, Pakistan is known as the water-stressed country that would soon take the title of the water-scarce country in the near future unless strong water conservation strategies and management plans are implemented. In 2018, it was stated in an international report that, by 2025 Pakistan would become a water-scarce country due to depleted water […]

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