A Look Back At 2021: Climate Crisis and Extreme Weather Events

A Look Back At 2021: Climate Crisis and Extreme Weather Events


2021 is ending and we will have a look back at all the disastrous climate crisis events of 2021. This year is trying to teach us a hard lesson yet responsible authorities have turned deaf and blind.

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Climate change cannot be discussed without mentioning extreme weather events. Some extreme weather events started in 2020 and continued till mid of 2021 that including wildfires incidents. Human activities are responsible for inducing climate change that has brought extreme weather events.

A summary of anthropogenic activities that have caused climate change include industrial activities, fossil fuel combustion, toxic chemical discharge, air emissions from factories, illegal mining activities, agriculture practices, deforestation, urbanization, land-use changes, etc. These activities are still in progress as no stringent actions have been taken against them to protect the environment. There are laws and regulations that are not sufficient to deal with the corporate world who is a major culprit behind environmental degradation.

Environmental degradation triggered by human activities includes species loss, air, water, land pollution, smog, disease breakout, global warming, ocean warming, etc. A brief summary of extreme weather events due to climate change includes hurricanes, cyclones, heatwaves, wildfires, floods, etc.

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It is said that 2021 is the year of the climate crisis and extreme weather events. Some of the major extreme events that have occurred around the world during the year 2021 are listed below.

1. Heatwaves: Major parts of the world severely got hit by heatwaves in the month of July 2021. Many people died due to heatstroke. The US and many cities of Europe including Italy, France, Germany suffered heatwaves. Read more: Heatwaves Are Killing Off Sea Life In Billions – Destroying The Ecosystem

2. Wildfires: Multiple countries experienced great economic loss in the month of July 2021 due to wildfires along with the loss of human lives. Wildfires broke out due to heatwaves that hit Turkey, Greece, Italy, Australia, California, the US, and many other countries. Check out: 2019-2021 The Years of Wildfires – Causes and Effects

3. Unprecedented Floods: Climate change has caused changes in the Monsoon season due to which precipitation pattern has altered over South Asian countries. Moreover, heatwaves brought unprecedented floods in many parts of the world. Germany, Spain, England, and other cities of Europe faced extreme damage due to floods. Read more here: Europe Floods 2021 Due to Climate Change – Causes and Effects

4. Droughts and Food Shortage: Due to less rainfall, drought conditions have been remained prevalent in the month of October 2021 in some states of Canada and the United States of America along with other countries.

5. Increased Frequency of Natural Disasters: 2021 has also shown an increased frequency of natural disasters such as earthquakes, sinkholes, hurricanes, sand storms, avalanches, glacier retreats, etc. Most recent sinkholes were noticed in Italy, China, Mexico, etc. Read: What Is Causing Sudden Increase In Sinkholes Around The World? Hurricanes have badly hit many states of the United States during May and November of 2021.

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6. Persisting COVID-19: Wuhan is a city in China where many people developed flu-like symptoms and that was the time when the global pandemic started in the month of December 2019 and is still persistent with new variants of coronavirus. Although vaccination is available now around the world.


2021 is almost ending with less than one month onward. The severity of extreme weather events at the start and mid of this year could never be forgotten and this scenario is indicating that things are getting out of control now. We shouldn’t be surprised if 2022 proves out to be worse than 2021 due to major climatic disastrous events. Howsoever, world leaders must think of taking adequate actions to lessen the impacts of climate change rather than having conferences on climate that have no significant output.

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