World’s Top 10 Food Producing Agricultural Countries


In 2023 when the population has just hit 8 billion, food insecurity and water scarcity has become an even bigger issue with mostly the rural population and minorities suffering from it. Besides the environmental injustice and environmental degradation of our land and soil, growing food is also becoming a challenge due to soil erosion, heat waves, sea level rise and other naturally aggravated processes and cycles that have decreased the overall land available for agriculture.

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Despite this, to fulfill the needs of people worldwide here is a list compiled of the world’s largest agricultural countries:

Top 10 Food-Producing Countries 2023:

  1. China: In 2023, China remains the top food producer in the world. Owing to the large population and the fact that 80% of agriculture is based on small family-owned farms in China is the main contributor to the national economy. Agriculture alone has a projected output of 1.13 trillion dollars. The main foods are Rice, maize and wheat, and the production of these three crops accounts for more than 90% of China’s total food production. But due to its large population China also imports rice from Brazil along with meat, dairy, soybeans and corn. China also exports seafood.

  2. India:  The second-largest agricultural producer in 2023 is India, with a projected output of $906 billion. India mainly produces milk, pulses, lentils, jute along with largely producing rice, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, vegetables, fruit and cotton. India also exports these particularly fruits, sugar and rice.

  3. United States: the third largest agricultural economy estimated at 829 billion dollars. The main agricultural produce is led by soybeans, wheat, maize and corn along with meat. 15% of the fruit produced in the US is exported to India and other countries like Canada, The Caribbeans, East Asia and Europe are big consumers of American exports like grains and feeds, soybeans, livestock products, tree nuts, fruits, vegetables, and other horticultural products.

  4. Brazil: Worth at 573 billion dollars, Brazil is the fourth largest agricultural country in the world in 2023. Brazil is a leading producer of coffee, soybeans and beef. Brazil is responsible for around 25% of the world’s agricultural needs by supplying sugar, soybeans, tobacco, coffee, cotton, and orange juice as its main product. Both US and Brazil supply world’s largest soybean exports while China remains responsible for 80% of the soybean imports from Brazil.

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  5. Russia: Wheat, sugar beet, barley, sunflowers, potatoes and cereals (maize, barley, oats and rye) are Russia’s most important crops as of 2023 and the agricultural industry is worth at 500 billion dollars. The Russians mostly export various cereals and mainly import fruit and nuts.

  6. France: Mainly produces wheat, wine and barley along with fruits and vegetables such as apples, apricots and artichokes. Seafood makes up a chunk of agricultural import. Cotton, tobacco, and vegetable oils are among the chief agricultural imports. France mainly exports wine and sugar along with commercially packaged products.

  7. Canada: Chief agricultural producer in 2023 of wheat, barley, rapeseed, canola and corn along with vegetables and fruits like berries, apples and tomatoes. Canada exports large numbers of live animals and significant amounts of meat to the United States and imports a wide variety of meat products.
  8. Australia: Known for its hot climate and diverse range of crops, including wheat, barley, and sugarcane. Australia in 2023, is also a major producer of fruits and vegetables, such as apples, apricots and artichokes that are exported to various countries. Sugarcane is the most produced commodity in Australia.

  9. Mexico: Main agricultural commodities and crops include plantains, wheat and barley that are grown extensively along with fruits and vegetables that are also exported.

  10. Japan: An emerging agricultural industry, Japan is set to be one of the top agricultural industries in the world. Mainly the food produced in rice, tea, soybeans, sea food variety along with meat. Japan’s top agricultural imports from the world are pork and pork products, beef and beef products, poultry meat and products, processed vegetables, and corn mainly from the US.

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 China, India, the United States, Brazil, and Russia are expected to be the top agricultural producing countries in 2023. These countries have invested heavily in modernizing their agricultural sectors and are expected to continue to lead the way in terms of production and productivity in the coming years.

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