All You Need to Know About Earth Day 2021 and Its Theme

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Earth Day Network organizes Earth day internationally. Last year in 2020, it was decided that in the next year 2021, the theme of Earth Day would be “Restore Our Earth”. So, the 22nd of April 2021 is fast approaching and we all are aiming to celebrate this day with this pledge that we will do whatever possible at the individual level to restore our planet Earth.

You can visit this article What is Earth Day and Why We Celebrate it? for a brief history.

Reason for Announcing the theme “Restore our Earth” 2021

Last year, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day was celebrated online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The first-ever online Earth Day event included millions of people such as activists, artists, experts, socialists, celebrities, scientists, etc. All participated to raise awareness for the protection of the Earth.

The selection of theme was carried out after consulting supporters of the biggest network that includes 192 nations from all around the world. Apparently this year the network will announce the theme for the next year 2022.

Connection Between Earth Day Theme and Ongoing Pandemic

The theme Restore Our Earth and COVID-19 pandemic have a strong connection because the origin of the pandemic is the consequence of an interaction between humans and wildlife. Humans are also impacting wildlife in a number of ways. For example, anthropogenic activities are resulting in deforestation, climate change, and biodiversity loss due to habitat destruction. Check out the unique endangered Pangolin species in Pakistan.

The president of Earth Day Network, Kathleen Rogers stated that if we didn’t take care of our planet, surely we all are at risk to suffer from deadlier viruses.

The Earth has the capability to store a massive quantity of carbon. Ocean and vegetation are two carbon sinks that can store carbon for an unspecified time period.  Unfortunately, the carbon sinks are under threat due to human activities. Check out Marine Pollution – Its Risky Effects on Marine Life & Humans

Former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government of United Kingdom, Sir David King who is an emeritus professor at the University of Cambridge has highlighted an important fact that climate change and COVID-19 know no regional boundaries on the Earth. The pandemic is responsible for millions of deaths and climate change is an existential menace to the global village.


The ecosystem of the Earth is being deteriorated at a faster pace. The reasons include human-induced climate change and the increasing frequency of natural disasters. Read a detailed article about how COVID-19 Crisis is showing its Impacts on Environmental Sustainability. The climate crisis is a leading cause of economic downfall. Currently, the whole world is facing health and environmental issues. The theme of Earth Day is “restore our Earth”. The theme is deliberately selected to make humans aware of their acts and the resultant consequences. Along with that, it is depicting that there are so many ways we can restore our planet the Earth!

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