Current Environmental Issues In Pakistan – List With Detail

All of us Pakistanis know that our beloved country is facing and already suffering from a lot of environmental issues and problems with no solution in sight, from all types of pollution to degradation of the environment to anthropogenic activities that destroy the environment to illegal hunting and poaching to improper or illegal extraction of […]

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Impact of Heavy Metal Pollution on the Environment

heavy metals pollution contaminates air water and soil

INTRODUCTION Heavy metals are chemical elements that are toxic in nature even in smaller concentrations and some are often categorized as carcinogenic. HEAVY METALS Heavy metals are usually described as elements with higher atomic mass, densities, or atomic numbers. EXAMPLES OF HEAVY METALS The common examples of heavy metals are lead (Pb), thallium (Tl), chromium […]

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Anthropogenic Factors That Cause Species Decline

INTRODUCTION The planet Earth provides habitats for an enormous diversity of species. The species distribution system on the Earth can be explained in accordance with the ecozones. Each species inhabit a unique biogeographic realm of the Earth. Some species are categorized as terrestrial and some as aquatic. There are specific species that thrive in both […]

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What is Ecocide? Causes, Effects, and Solutions

destruction of the ecosystem

INTRODUCTION Anthropogenic activities are destroying the environment of the planet Earth. Check out  Why Ecocide Should Be Made an International Crime? ECOCIDE This term is defined as the degradation and deterioration of the environment by humans to such an extent that its consequences are leading to biodiversity decline and health problems among humans. This concept […]

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Littoral and Swamp Forest Ecosystem of Pakistan – Climatic Biome

mangrove forest of Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Littoral Forest: It is known as mangrove forest or tidal forest. This forest grows along marshy coasts and delta regions. Swamp Forest: This forest grows along the intertidal coastline and submerged with seawater. This forest is common near tropical zone. Another name is flooded forest. Littoral and Swamp Forest Ecosystem: This forest ecosystem is […]

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Environment Discrimination and the Importance of Environmental Justice

environmental racism and environmental justice movement

INTRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTAL DISCRIMINATION In between the years of 1970s and 1980s, there was a concept that emerged in the environmental justice movement in the United States. The concept is currently known as environmental discrimination/racism. Environmental discrimination highlights environmental injustice that has been practiced and integrated within the context of policies. Environmental discrimination shows how low-class/ […]

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Climate Change Adaptation Methods and Mitigation Strategies

climate change

INTRODUCTION Climate change is showing its adverse impacts on the ecosystem of the Earth. Human-induced climate change is on its way to disable the functioning ecosystem. The current adverse impacts caused by climate change cannot be controlled but only preventive measures can be taken. CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION METHODS Climate change adaptation methods are those actions […]

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