12 Beautiful Islands of Pakistan

islands of Pakistan Arabian Sea

According to the geology of Pakistan, the country is present on two overlapping Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates. On the edge of the Indian plate, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan lie, and on the north-western corner Punjab and Sindh lie. This tectonics plate is vulnerable to violent earthquakes due to collision between plates. On the Eurasian plate, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan are present.

Geographically, Pakistan is located in Southeast Asia and has beautiful landscapes including forests, deserts, and plateaus. In the north, mountain ranges include Hindukush, Karakoram, and Himalaya. In the south, the country is connected to the Arabian Sea having coastal areas of Baluchistan and Sindh.

12 islands of Pakistan are listed below with a brief description.  3 out of them are situated in Baluchistan and the rest in Sindh.

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Islands in the Balochistan Coast

1- Malan Island – Peer Ghaib

Malan Island is present 3 kilometers off the Baluchistan coast, Pakistan. It is situated in the Arabian Sea. This island is famous for the mud volcano that appeared during the night in March 1999. Occasional eruptions release rocks and mud.

2- Astola Island – Jezira Haft Talar

Some names of this island are ‘Island of the Seven Hills’, or Satadip. It is also situated in the Arabian Sea.  It is present 39 kilometers southeast of Pasni port Baluchistan Pakistan. Astola is uninhibited and the largest offshore island which covers 6.7 square kilometers area.

3- Earthquake Island – Zalzala Koh

Zalzala Koh is another island in Pakistan. Other names are Zalzala Jazeera or Earthquake Mountain appeared during an earthquake in September 2013. It was a small island situated in the Arabian Sea. Possibly it could be a mud volcano island off the Balochistan coast, Pakistan.

Islands in Sindh Coast

4- Bundal Island

This island is situated in the Arabian Sea off the Sindh coast, Pakistan. Bundal Island is covered with tamer forest on 3349 hectares area. It provides habitat to marine life and holds great economic value.

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5- Buddo Island – Dingi

Dingi is a little island situated in the Arabian Sea off the Sindh coast, Pakistan. It has a dense tamer forest and covers 60 kilometers area.

6- Churna Island – Charna

It is situated in the Arabian Sea making a boundary between the two provinces of Pakistan. It is a small Island present 9 kilometers west of the Hub River. The second-largest fishermen area in Karachi is known as Mubarak Goth is 6 kilometers away from Churna Island.

7- Manora Island – Manoro

Manora Island is a compact peninsula that covers an area of 2.5 square kilometers. Manora Island provides a protective barrier between the Arabian Sea and Karachi Harbor. It has dense mangrove forest.

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8- Shams Pir Island

Shams Pir Island‎ is an island village situated next to Karachi harbor; Kakapir and Sandspit beach Sindh, Pakistan. Currently, iShams Pir is inhabited by 5000 people. Mangrove forests are present nearby the harbor.

9- Khiprianwala Island

Khiprianwala Island is a compact island situated in the Arabian Sea. It is a beautiful island off the Sindh coast, Pakistan. It is known for pleasant weather.

10- Baba and Bhit Islands

Bhit and baba shah are small islands that cover an area of 4 square kilometers. These islands are inhabited by a dense population and situated in Karachi harbor, Sindh Pakistan. Due to the absence of a drainage system, the waste is dumped into the harbor.

11- Bukkar Fort Island

Bukkur Fort island is situated in located in Rohri, Sindh Pakistan. It is an oval shape limestone rock with 270 meters in width and 730 meters in length. It has 25 feet in height. It covers an area of 49 acres. Currently, a tomb and a school are present on the island.

12- Clifton Oyster Rocks – Machli Kastura

It is a series of islets situated off the Sindh coast, Pakistan. At the northern base of the island, a port foundation was built.  The water shoots up in the air to approximately 620 feet. Clifton Oyster Rocks Island is the second tallest fountain on Earth.

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