How can we “Restore our Earth” – Earth Day 2021 Theme

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22nd April Earth Day 2021 Theme: “Restore Our Earth” is Earth Day 2021’s Theme

Read further details at What is Earth Day and why we celebrate it? and All you need to know about Earth Day 2021.

The Earth Day theme “Restore Our Earth” is directed towards developing clean green energies that can be used as alternative energy sources.

The potential solutions to environmental degradation are species conservation, afforestation, soil management, etc. The theme is selected with the aim that restoring our planet Earth could save us from further disastrous consequences of the ongoing climate and Covid-19 crisis.

Earth is home to millions of species that are distributed all over the world. By restoring the Earth, we can restore biodiversity. Many species in the World have gone extinct and some are vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, and about to extinct.

How can we “Restore our Earth”?

There are multiple ways by which we humans can contribute to the Earth Day theme “Restore Our Earth”.

Plant a Tree: Afforestation drives (billion tree tsunami initiatives by Pakistani PM) can prove to be helpful for restoring planet Earth. Check out The Government of Punjab is Selling Saplings for 2 Rupees

Be A Volunteer: The best practice is to become a volunteer. We all should voluntarily participate in activities that could help restore our planet.

Education: We can educate ourselves about environmental science and along with that we can spread awareness among community members regarding the importance of nature and natural resources.

Water Conservation: If we adopt water conservation strategies and practices we can play our role in water conservation.

3Rs: We can opt for the “reduce, reuse, and recycle” method. Check out two related articles – Potential of Growing Recycling Business in Pakistan and WtE business – Why Pakistani Government should support it?

Use LED Lights: We can apt to LED technology. Check out the Environmental Benefits of LED Technologies.

Avoid Using Fossil Fuel: We can switch to electric cars – check out Electric Cars- Eco Friendly or Not? and Eco-friendly Aircraft Engine Invented by a Young Pakistani Scientist Sarah Quraishi.

Protect Water Reserves: We must protect water reserves from pollution. Industrial effluents in wastewater should be treated before discharging into water bodies. Check out Kasur Tanneries and Their Impact on the Environment and Fish turn into Zombies by Antidepressants (chemical) Fluoxetine

Plastic Pollution Reduction: We must avoid using plastic products or switch to alternative biodegradable plastic. Check out The Impacts of Microplastic Pollution on the Environment.

Habitat Rehabilitation: We can grow native plant species and avoid using pesticides that cause the death of pollinators such as bees, butterflies, etc.


If we want to protect our planet, it could only be possible through joint collaboration by all countries on the Earth. What developed countries are doing for a stable and sustainable economy is a major cause of environmental degradation. The consequences will be faced by every country. But the problem will be severe for undeveloped counties due to an unstable economy. Since the Industrial revolution, the environment of the Earth is being subjected to degradation. We all must call to action for restoring our planet Earth.

Also, check out PTI Government’s Environmental Achievements So Far

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