Eco-friendly Aircraft Engine Invented by a Young Pakistani Scientist Sarah Quraishi

eco-friendly aircraft engine by Quraishi
  • A young Pakistani Scientist Sarah Quraishi has done amazing work by inventing an eco-friendly aircraft engine.
  • Sarah Quraishi worked on this project during her research at Cranfield University, United Kingdom.
  • The aim of this invention is to decrease negative environmental impacts caused by greenhouse gases emission.
  • The smoke released from fuel-efficient engines adversely affects Earth’s atmosphere.


Pakistani aerospace engineer Sarah Quraishi has invented the world’s first eco-friendly aircraft engine. She is the CEO of Pakistan’s first private aviation company named Aero Engine Craft. The company has been launched by Sarah Quraishi and her father. The Aero Engine Craft company is working on the development of an eco-friendly aircraft engine.

Her father Masood Latif Quraishi has worked in the aviation industry. Masood Latif Quraishi is a well-known scientist in Pakistan and his wife has pursued Ph.D. in quantum chemistry. Sarah together with her father was used to work on machines and engines. She was keen to work on engines that are based on environmentally friendly technology. She got motivated by her internship in the automotive industry.

She has pursued her bachelor’s degree in the field of mechanical engineering from a reputable university in Pakistan named National University in Science and Technology. After that, she learned flying and got her private pilot license. Later she pursued her master’s in aerospace dynamics and completed a Ph.D. degree in aerospace propulsion from the Public University in Cranfield, England. She also learned acrobat flying during her studies.

Sarah has been working on the development of a contrail-free aero engine. The aim of this invention is to decrease negative environmental impacts caused by greenhouse gases emission.

The greenhouse gases are responsible for the increased temperature of the Earth’s surface and global warming. Ultimately global warming has resulted in climate change. Carbon footprints have been increased since the industrial revolution. The invention of fuel-efficient engines is also contributing to global warming. Check out Top Companies Contributing to World’s Third Carbon Emission 

Global climate change is responsible for glacier retreats. Pakistan has less than one percent contribution to global warming but it is among the most vulnerable countries to global climate change.

Sarah during her interview explained the process of environmental pollution caused by fuel-efficient engines.  She told that the smoke released from fuel-efficient engines has been adversely affecting Earth’s atmosphere. She highlighted that the aviation industries in the world are not taking into account environmentally friendly technology.

Regarding Planet Mars, she said that Earth is our planet and we must aim to protect it rather than taking flights to another planet.

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