Pakistan Amongst Most Affected Countries By Climate Change

climate changes in Pakistan
  • Pakistan is securing its rank at number 8 in the list of countries highly affected by severe climatic changes.
  • According to German Watch Report, Pakistan makes a shift from number 5 rank to number 8 by initiating environmental-friendly projects.
  • The government of Pakistan is continuously doing efforts to tackle the impacts of global warming.

Pakistan is included in the list of countries likely to be impacted by global climate change. Despite the fact, Pakistan has zero to 1% global contribution to the emission of greenhouse gases, it is the most influenced country owing to climate change.

According to the 2020 report by the German Watch of Longterm Global Climate Risk Index, Pakistan has made a downward shift from 5th rank to 8th rank in the list of countries facing climatic changes.

The long-term global climate Risk Index is a company that prepares reports by doing global researches. According to the prepared report, Pakistan is experiencing a loss in the economy. The report is based on data collected from 2000-2019. Also, floods due to climate change causing the loss of lives in Pakistan. The estimated loss of lives per 100,000 is 0.3% while the economic loss is around $3.8 billion.

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The Minister of Climate changed arranged a team of climate change experts and scientists at the Global Climate Impact Studies Center. The team worked tirelessly evaluating complex data set related to emissions from different economic, social, and public sectors.

APP was informed about the continuous efforts by Pakistan to combat global climate change. The contribution of Pakistan in the global emission of greenhouse gases is almost zero but the impacts it faces due to changes in climate are severe. Without any Global help regarding the emission of greenhouse gases and environmental deterioration, Pakistan made a way towards a better environment.

Pakistan started eco-friendly projects nationwide following the Ten billion tree tsunami programme, rehabilitation of mangrove forest, and coastal areas. In June 2021, Pakistan would complete the target of one billion tree plantations.

Malik Amin Aslam Special Assistant to the Prime Minister proclaimed the plantation of one billion mangroves. It would be initiated under the ten billion tree tsunami project.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has started Protected Areas Initiative including the southern marine protected area. This project would cover a land area of almost 7,300 square kilometers in the northern mountainous region and scrub forest of the plain area. In these areas, 15 National Parks will be established by the Government of Pakistan.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people lost their jobs so the government of Pakistan made use of this time and initiated such projects that created job opportunities for people living in Pakistan.

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All these steps by the Government of Pakistan are catching global attention. The efforts are being praised globally for eco-friendly initiatives such as The Green Stimulus Package by Pakistan.

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