2021 Lookback – Recap of Promises To Control Climate Change

did politicians act according to their promises.


The year 2021 was full of disastrous changes to the environmental conditions that brought frequent episodes of extreme weather events. This year COP26 was held in Glasgow, United Kingdom that highlighted nothing new but the failure of promises that world leaders made at every climate change conference to protect the environment of the Earth. Check out: How COP26 Aims To Tackle Climate Change – Save Environment


Climate change is occurring all around the globe, there are number of climate change conferences held by world leaders but none of the conferences proved fruitful in reducing the accelerated speed of climate change. Why is it so? The top polluters in the world first denied climate change and now they are saying it is too late to act now. For More Details: Top Polluters and Climate Change Deniers a Danger for Neighbouring Countries

Moreover, many politicians before coming into power usually start campaigns stating that they would launch projects that would reduce carbon emissions and more sustainable programs will be inaugurated to reduce contribution to climate changes. You may like to read: Climate Despair – A Scheme By Corporations To Hinder Action?


2021 COP 26 conference is a recap of failed promises that politicians made beforehand. Here we have listed at least 10 unfulfilled promises that are made by politicians yet there is no transparent progress occurred so far. Also read: COP26 – The 2021 UN Climate Change Conference Event and Pakistan

  1. To cut Emissions of Greenhouse Gases: Developed countries are giving approval to fossil fuel-based power plants for power generation, although such approval should be dismissed by them according to their pledge to cut the emission of greenhouse gases.
  2. To end Deforestation: Trees are carbon sinks and usually developed countries are having a huge portion of land covered by forests. Before 2030, there will complete ban on illegal deforestation, but it is increasing at an alarming rate instead of decreasing all around the world. This shows the inefficiency of commitment politicians makes.
  3. To replace Fossil Fuels with Renewable Energy: Fossil fuel-based power plants release greenhouse gases, top polluting countries are developed ones whose leaders make pledges to opt for sustainable renewable energy replacing conventional energy sources. However, few projects have been initiated by these developed countries while all other sectors are still running on non-renewable energy sources.
  4. To abide by Kyoto Protocol: The politicians of wealthy countries pledge to abide by Kyoto Protocol, however, it is evident that these environment-saving protocols are typically made for underdeveloped and poor nations.
  5. To shut off Coal-Based Power Plants: One of the broken promises by powerful politicians includes shutting off coal-based power plants. Shunning one or two projects run by coal while approving many others based on conventional energy sources doesn’t necessarily reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
  6. To implement Eco-friendly Projects Nationwide: How people are made fools by empty promises? The answer is simple by telling them that countries will inaugurate eco-friendly projects nationwide, more likely in one or two states maybe.
  7. To impose Carbon Tax: Another effective promise made by politicians was to impose a carbon tax, which after getting approved in previous years is now subjected to regression in many developed nations.
  8. To fund Developing and Under Developed Nations Per Year: After putting the burden of climate change on poor and developing nations, developed countries pledge to grant climate funds so that underdeveloped and developing countries can tackle climate change. Later on, the grants turn into loans that have to be repaid. This is another example of empty promises made by wealthy leaders of developed nations. There is no compensation for the damage that is happening in poor nations due to climate change.
  9. To come up with More Sustainable Solutions: The recent COP26 meeting indicates failure of previous promises and again world leaders again have tried to make new promises to come up with sustainable solutions. The current rate of global carbon release won’t reduce already triggered climate change, only in case all emissions of greenhouse gases phase out at the global level.
  10. To Comply Paris Agreement: Many developed countries have signed the Paris Agreement to cut emissions of greenhouse gases in order to lessen the average temperature rise of the Earth’s surface to 1.5°C. Their incoming projects seem to offend this agreement some countries often withdraw later to make their economy more progressive.

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The severity of these empty promises is being felt by developing and underdeveloped nations that share a very little percentage of global carbon emissions, yet they are the ones who are among the top affected countries by climate change. Developed countries are following a trend that includes selecting a platform, gathering for debate related to climate saving themes, making empty promises, and this cycle is on repeat meanwhile developing nations are asked to apply sustainable solutions.

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