How Much Time Earth Has Before Climate Change Destroys it?

we can start doing Earth saving project if we cut down our greenhouse gases emission


People who are still thinking of asking mundane questions like what is climate change, how will it impact them are not actually aware of their surroundings. We want to bring our audience’s attention to the fact that we can’t waste time anymore thinking about how to act correctly so that Earth could be saved from further damage.

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If we look at the timeline of climate change that’s occurring on the Earth then we are standing right in the middle of it. Definitely, there is no way backward, we have to move forward inspite of the fact that it could cost our survival. Read how We Are Witnessing Climate Change Kill Our World

We could increase our chances of survival on the Earth by developing new technologies that might help us restore earth and its ecosystems. We must move towards sustainable approaches to at least reduce the severity of weather events climate change is posing on us. Here are further details, Can We Do Something About Earth Heating Up Or Is It Too Late?

The search for finding another planet to escape the tragedy of the Earth is despicable. The billionaires instead of investing in eco-friendly projects are more interestingly deteriorating the environment that put the burden on poor people. Soon, certain regions of the Earth would no longer be able to support life because of extreme weather conditions such as water scarcity, droughts, arid climate, etc. The tragedy is we can see elected people openly denying climate change. Read more: Top Polluters and Climate Change Deniers a Danger for Neighbouring Countries

We may have time only when we start acting right for climate change because scientists have clearly stated that cutting down all greenhouse gases emission won’t stop climate change but only reduce the impacts to some extent.

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There is the possibility that humans can adapt to ongoing changes in the environment of the Earth. But how far this adaptability to climate change works is a matter of concern. The question – will climate change kill us before we become adapted to it?  – is pointing out something callous and self-serving thought. It is already a major cause of death around the world. People are dying due to hunger, water scarcity, pandemics, etc.

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Recurring events of extreme weather events around the globe are transparent examples of ongoing climate change. If we do not go so far in past but look at what has happened throughout the year 2021 we could say that human-driven climate change has led to the death of many people due to floods, heavy rains, heatwaves, etc. Moreover, the extent of damage to properties, livestock, economy was huge.

On top of that, adaptation is linked to mitigatory measures that we must opt to lessen the impacts of climate change. It doesn’t necessarily ensure our survival on planet Earth. When the sea level would be rising, the temperature of the Earth would be killing all sort of life on Earth, then what kind of adaptations would humans acquire to survive?

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Climate change is killing us, do we really need to spend time more on the thinking process of whether climate change is true or not. Adaptation is possible but human survival is? What if humans get themselves adapted to a certain situation and the upcoming event takes a more severe turn? Climate Change is unpredictable. It doesn’t matter humans are adaptable or not, the precious lives of humans, animals, and other living creatures are getting lost in extreme weather events. It’s a matter of critical approaches that should be opted by humans to save every kind of life on the Earth.

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