Pretentious Environmentalism and no Implementation Is Harmful

“Pretentious Environmentalism”. Did reading this bother you?

We have been looking at this recent cool trend and the exponential rise in such numbers. Now think for a moment that if people are going trendy and opting for environmentalism then why there is no visible decline in the release of greenhouse gases? Not only people but politicians are establishing projects that are supposed to be environmentally friendly. And businesses are introducing goods that would have fewer impacts on the environment.

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But again, where are we lacking? We are witnessing the horrendous shape of climate change around the globe. Now lets us look at our normal routines whether we are truly practicing environmentalism or just faking it!

We are saying we care for the environment but we move around in vehicles that combust fossil fuels. With the increasing population, traffic congestion has become an extremely hectic issue. For hours the transportation keeps emitting air pollutants.

People are suffering from “Ordering an online item with fast delivery”. Most online deliveries are carried out through air transport. Airplanes release huge amounts of greenhouse gases in the upper atmosphere and again this leads to global warming.

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Every year new digital gadgets are launched by different companies with extraordinary features. The question is do we really need to upgrade our digital devices. We believe all these things can be constructed within a limited range but this would be a loss for marketing campaigns. The e-waste that is generated from digital devices has toxic components that cause water contamination and soil pollution.

Some people are buying green items with the thought that others would praise them for being environmentally conscious. Admittedly, there are consumers who are true to their idea of environmentalism. However, where we need to raise awareness is that the products we are using are actually eco-friendly? We have an article related to greenwashing where you can read how big companies are pretending to be “environmental friendly” or “environmentally conscious” while doing bare minimum and being a case of fake environmentalism. You can read it here: What is Greenwashing? – Types and Negative Effects

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Here come people who talk about animal rights while wearing leather boots and purses. Does that make sense to you? Who knows they might be keeping animals in cages at their home and on social media they are telling the world to use reusable plastic bags. Don’t trash. Plant trees. You hear them say this again and again and while these slogans call for a clean environment their hypocrisy should be treated gravely.

We are living a lifestyle as illustrated by the corporate world. The mafia involved in the degradation of the environment would never want people to come out of the spell. People are voluntarily indulging in activities that are only presenting the green images but actually, it is not true. You may like to read Why Ecocide Should Be Made an International Crime?

We as individuals should act sensibly and prepare ourselves to confront such realities that are damaging the environment. We need to understand the basic concepts that are polluting the environment, and causing loss of biodiversity.

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Lastly, we want to convey to our audience a message that most products by big corporations with eco-friendly labels are the biggest pretenders of fake environmentalism. If we really want to make a difference, we need to bring change to our lifestyle! This would take time but slow and steady wins the race and we must act to save our planet Earth.

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