What is Environmental Science and Why is it Important?

What is Environmental Science? It is a quantitative field that includes applied as well as practical knowledge and is used to develop environmental policies around the world. It is a separate field than environmental studies that deals with human relationships and socio-political aspects of it. For instance, an environmental study researcher focuses on the economic […]

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Environmental Journalism Now Crucial And Dangerous Than Ever

environmental journalism is facing criticism from falsely hyped community

INTRODUCTION Journalism is a profession that enlightens ordinary people about current hot topics whether they are related to politics, environment, military, power, war, or anything. The spread of journalism is casting light on two aspects of society, the one that raises the voice for truth and the other that conceals the truth with misinformation. Read: […]

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Brief History of Environmental Movement and Environmentalism

environmentalism is not a new concept

INTRODUCTION Environmentalism is a broad term encompassing environmental health and protection and being represented as ideology, philosophy, and social movement, all aspects covering the changing environment of the Earth. For more information about Environmental Science read: What is Environmental Science and Why is it Important? It is not a new concept. It has been going […]

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