Water and Women: Gender Inequality and Environmental Justice


Gender Inequality and Environmental Justice: Gender inequality usually means that for women it is more difficult to obtain natural resources and use them on land due to restricted access or inability to use them that makes it difficult to fight against or even simply deal with environmental changes and other climatic issues they have to […]

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Environmental Justice: Ensuring Equity and Sustainability for All


Introduction: In recent years, the concept of environmental justice has gained significant attention as societies grapple with the pressing challenges of environmental degradation and social inequality. Environmental justice seeks to address the disproportionate burden of environmental harm borne by marginalized communities and advocates for fair treatment, meaningful participation, and equal access to a clean and […]

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Beauty Standards And Their Impacts On Humans And Environment

Introduction: Beauty standards have existed in pretty much every culture and region across the world. The ideal physical appearance of a person most often have some really unattainable standards and unrealistic requirements for a person to be considered beautiful by majority in a society. Not only does this cause feelings of inferiority and unsatisfaction with […]

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Clean and Healthy Environment: Protecting the Right to Life and Reducing Violent Crimes

INTRODUCTION The core idea of a clean and healthy environment is that all people are entitled to live in a healthy, clean, and safe environment. Protection of the Right to life through a clean and healthy environment, clean water, food, and air is a fundamental right granted by article 9 of the 1973 constitution of […]

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What Is Green Colonialism? – Everything You Need To Know

What is Green Colonialism? Green Colonialism, also known as Eco-colonialism, Environmental Colonialism or Climate Colonialism is the practice of one country making or taking decisions and actions in another, under the pretext of benefit to the environment and by using influence to make policies and developmental strategies or technology that benefits one country/ group of people […]

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Impacts of Transboundary Pollution on Pakistan

What is meant by ‘Transboundary Pollution’? Transboundary pollution refers to the kind of pollution through any means- water or air, whose point of origin is at a different place, country or region but the effects are felt in a country/region away and distant from it. Common Pathways of Transboundary Pollution: Transboundary pollution is usually what […]

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Urgency of Climate Justice for Mountain Communities of Pakistan


Introduction: The poor and vulnerable mountain communities of Gilgit Baltistan emitting lowest carbon are suffering the most from climate change. For just and sustainable climate and environment, we need to look at the climate crises through a human right lens and belief in working together to create a better future for present and future generations. […]

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What is Climate Justice and Why Is It Important?

What is Climate Justice? Climate change, by its very nature, is a societal issue that can disrupt anyone’s everyday life in a variety of ways. However, not all environmental consequences are treated equally, nor are they dispersed in the same way. Climate change has substantial impacts on historically oppressed, underprivileged or disadvantaged groups, from harsh […]

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